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Custom designed jewelry, diamonds and second hand jewelry at Key Largo Jewellery & Loans Ltd. Langley, BC, Canada

Loc: Langley

  • We will accept exchanges for any defective product up to 30 days from date of purchase
  • We carry a COMPLETE selection of ALL leading CPAP and BiPAP manufacturers
  • We do not ship outside of Canada

Loc: Surrey

A seaside cottage/vacation home near Mahone Bay, Lunenburg Co., Nova Scotia, Canada


Ninestyles specializes in Canadian Designers of all your fashion accessories. We carry the latest in necklaces, earrings, bracelets, hats, purses, hair accessories, rings, sunglasses and more


The Hott Funky Frog is a used and new clothing store & more. We sell hand bags, clothing for the whole family and much, much more. The Hot Funky Frog has great prices on all kinds of things! Come check out the Hot Funky Frog, we accept Pay Pal & COD.

Buckle It Up ! is a company focused on customer service, quality products with competitive prices, having the best selection of Belt Buckles in North America! So, Buckle Up!

Buckle It Up! is located in PLACE ROSEMERE mall in Rosemere, QC. Since 2005 Buckle It Up ! offers the widest variety of Belt Buckles, Belts & fashion accessories.

Buckle It Up! est une entreprise focusée sur le service à la clientèle ainsi que sur des produits de qualité, à des prix compétitifs tout en ayant la plus grande variété de boucles de ceintures. Avec une garantie de satisfaction/qualité inégalée dans notre industrie.

Buckle It Up ! est situé à la PLACE ROSEMÈRE à Rosemère, Québec. Depuis 2005, Buckle It Up ! offre à sa clientèle la plus grande séléction de boucles de ceintures, ceintures et accessoires mode en amérique du nord!

Bridal Name Change providing a name change kit, bride name change, name change, change of name, change my name, wedding name change, change surname, changing names; everything you need to help you with the name change process and name change in Ontario

  • Our goal is to have all items accounted for & ready for borrowing as teachers begin planning for next year


Canadian sweet potatoes by Berlo's Best are the leading sweet potatoes in Canada

Tissanderie Béatrice Doazan crée des produits tissés en lin, en coton et en laine d'agneau. Beatrice Doazan Weavery creates products woven in linen, cotton and lamb wool

Cleopatra's Treasures offers the finest semi-precious stone jewellery from Egypt and other exotic lands. Designed and handcrafted by their Artizans and inspired by the Pharaonic culture

Loc: Whitby

I am a professional body artist specializing in precision piercing, advanced modification, scarification and body suspension


Professionals in the European tradition of individual care, The European Boutique Spa team offers an exceptional range of healing, energizing treatments in elegant surroundings and an atmosphere of quiet comfort. Our goal for each visitor is to create an oasis of rejuvenating care and comfort, through a personalized experience that reflects their unique needs and preferences.

Loc: Ottawa

Exclusive site for quality, low cost diamond engagement rings


Jungle Jewelry is the creation of me, Brittany, a self-taught artist and wedding planner from Brampton, ON. I come from an entire family of quirky artsy people. I spent my childhood years helping my mom to sell her crafts at local shows and she taught me various techniques in sewing, ceramic and decorative painting, paper crafts and bead-work. A few years ago, I began making jewelry as a hobby. At first, I wore the jewelry I made and gave some pieces away as gifts. Friends and family suggested I begin selling my work and a few people even bought pieces right off my neck/finger! I then took part in an art fair and from there I was hooked. From that experience, Jungle jewelry was born!

I have several different jewelry collections to suit a variety of needs and tastes. So whether you like elegant and traditional jewelry, modern designs, a natural tribal look or prefer a more sculptural piece, I have a design for you. And handmade jewelry, purchased outside the big boxes from and independent creator like myself makes a great gift!

The handmade movement is important to me for several reasons. Our love of chain stores and big box markets has and is bringing ruin to our economies (buying foreign contributes to trade deficits and encourages sweat labor) and to the environment (as shipping all of these products long distances releases tonnes of pollutant gasses and uses up valuable fuel. As consumers it is important to be conscious of these hidden catches. So while the product you buy in a chain store may appear to be cheaper than a handmade product, there are hidden taxes on the environment, on the economy and on human rights that when factored in, make that product exponentially more expensive.
Next, handmade products are built to last as opposed to the big box item that has been engineered to break down in a set time or to become obsolete (forcing the purchase of a replacement). Quality is an important part of my buying decision. When you purchase a handmade products, you can speak directly to the creator of those products. You know exactly what ingredients went into the creation of said product and you can learn exactly how it was created. Lastly, when you buy a handmade item, you are keeping a small business alive. Small business provide local jobs and make important contributions to the community. They give workers acceptable ways to break free of the oppressive workplace system where an employee is but a number and can be exploited and used up like an expendable resource.

Please take a moment to pledge handmade:

Have a wonderful visit in my shop and come again.

With a smile,


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Toe Socks for Men, Women and Children. We have Feelmax, Solid Colors, Stripes, Silver Health Diabetic, Outdoor, Glacier, Arctic, Tundra Toe Socks


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Pacifica is an eco-friendly company that features Hawaiian artists, Contemporary and Vintage art as well as Photography on Wall Calendars, Greeting Cards, Postcards, Giclée Prints, Posters, Holiday & Christmas Cards, Gifts, Figurines, Magnets, Stickers, and Jewelry.
Pacifica also does contract printing at very competitive rates, personalization of cards (your logo, signature, greeting, etc.) and name drops.
FREE Shipping on every order over $30.

Loc: Haiku

The Stefanie Somers Collection sets the gold standard in handcrafted custom designed event jewelry... pageant, ballroom, theatrical, bridal, evening... Hand made in Texas with Swarovski crystals... Let us create for you


Your source for animal print scarves, animal pattern scarves and more


Trendy fashion jewelry, costume jewelry, themed jewelry, seasonal jewelry and fashion accessories