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Secure Document Shredding Services in Montreal

Loc: Hudson

Scalar Decisions offers Enterprise-class Managed IT services. Contact us today for your free, vendor-agnostic assessment

Loc: London

KBOS is a new approach to managing your back office where you subscribe to a service for your software, systems and support

Ecological Logistics & Research Ltd. (ELR) is an environmental consulting company based in Whitehorse, Yukon specializing in natural resource, environmental assessment, and regulatory services

Loc: Yukon

My name is Dr. Edgar Guzman. I am PhD in Statistics with over two decades of experience as an academic and business researcher, a tutor and a statistics consultant. At ATLOC Canada, I offer statistical consulting, tutoring, data analysis and data mining to individuals and businesses. I work with students of all levels, from Bachelor to Master to PhD, and Post-Doctoral fellows. I offer coaching, tutoring, assistance with thesis and dissertation projects, assignments, homework, academic articles, academic posters, academic presentations, research projects. For businesses I offer data mining, research design, sampling, data analysis, simulations, scenario analysis, automation of analysis, training in data processing and analysis for your personnel. I work with the following software packages: Matlab, R / R Studio, Basic, Visual Basic, Fortran, Orcad, Mathcad, Maple, Mathematica, UNIX-C Shell, UNICOS, Visual Studio, HYFRAN, SigmaPlot, IGOR, ARMA, STATA, SPSS. I have worked with dozens of students and professionals/companies to-date. The areas I have covered are nursing, real estate studies, biostatistics, engineering, electronics, physics, meteorology, hydrology, business administration, finance, economics, econometrics, environmental sciences, field data, Petrophysics, chemistry, survey data analysis, computer sciences, scenario analysis, numerical modeling. I work in the following languages: English, French, Spanish. I work remotely and in-person, online, via Skype, email. I accept any type of project and any type of work. There is no project that is too small or too big for me. I always meet my clients’ deadlines. Why ATLOC? My PhD in Statistics coupled with my background in Physics, Atmospheric and Earth Sciences, numerical modeling and my business consulting experience provide you with a 360 degrees approach to any Statistical problem. I work with you individually, I develop a solution tailored to your unique needs. I am tri-lingual: I can tutor and develop a solution for you in English, French, Spanish. Having a mix of academic and business experience (over 2 decades), I can tackle any academic or business application that you need developed. I have worked with applications in both theoretical and applied Statistics, so I can develop applications that are either theoretical or applied to a business problem/need. I have authored 15 academic articles published in peer-reviewed journals and I am a reviewer at 5 North American journals of Statistics. I know what your reviewers are looking for in your academic work. I have 5 years of full-time tutoring experience tutoring dozens of Bachelor, Masters and PhD students and consulting businesses on an ongoing basis. I develop unique and actionable solutions for businesses making use o

Loc: Toronto

Shredding Services Our Employees have extensive experience in shredding and information destruction from 1997 to date. We have serviced all sectors of business in both the public and private sectors. The list includes Federal and Provincial Governments, as well as, banking, retail, legal, and insurance companies.. Let us discuss with you how we can optimize your service and reduce costs while improving the security around your information management. We also shred hard drives, phones, tablets, memory sticks,bank cards and other flexible media. INFOshred’s On Site Mobile Document Shredding can ensure sensitive business and employee information is protected against misuse, identity theft, and loss while staying compliant with privacy laws required by both Federal and Provincial government regulations. The On Site Mobile Document Shredding process takes place on our secure truck before it leaves your property. INFOshred’s On Site Mobile Document Shredding trucks can shred up to 5,000 pounds of paper an hour, ensuring the highest level of efficiency Hands free process and state-of-the-art shredding technology within every truck guarantees highest level of security in the industry.

  • At Dynacore Solutions our secure core and geological sample storage facility is an affordable offsite storage solution for all your geological samples
  • We customize our data management systems and our services based on our customers needs

Loc: Calgary

The Agri-Data Solution™ is a robust, web-based platform that allows you to collect, protect, and transform agriculture data into decision making tools and reports. The Agri-Data Solution™ can be utilized by growers, agronomic field advisors, and agri-business managers

Loc: Calgary

  • We revolutionize academic research by infusing your research team with professional expertise in order to improve the efficiency, accuracy, power, and productivity of your research
  • We are a passionate and talented team of experts, comprised of researchers, biostatisticians, and computer scientists, who aspire for quality within research


GOTV| - Data management. Geomapping. Elections


Not available
  • Envirosoft Corporation provides comprehensive emissions management and business solutions to companies in the oil and gas industry, consisting of an innovative suite of software products
  • Envirosoft releases Fuel Flare Vent Manager™ v1.8
  • As a leader in the development of software solutions for the oil and gas sector, Envirosoft offers a culture that is open, innovative, and performance driven
  • Please contact our sister companies

Loc: Calgary

We provide sophisticated Excel solutions custom-tailored to your specific needs. Do you have too many reports, or can’t get to your data? Or, have information that’s difficult to report on? If so, we have a perfect solution for you, one that leverages y

Independent Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Consulting


  • Our Business and Development Services for Utilities provide our clients an impressive edge to tackle issues arising to meet with business performance and cost efficiency goals
  • We have the Willingness to take new perspectives along with the conventional ones with openness while focusing on the standard industry practices and project objectives
  • We are an Information Technology Outsourcing and Business Process Outsourcing company, specializing in the Utility Industry
  • Being BPO and ITO specialists, we will provide our clients with opportunities to be able to decrease their operating cost, while at the same time to add value, and transform your business to meet the ever changing market requirement

Your one-stop business solution for any Information Technology needs; from Hardware & Software aquiring, to full-scale Network Support and Security, Your Network is Your Business - Our Business is Your Network

Loc: Ottawa

Pressure and Deliverability Testing of Oil and Gas Wells - Data Management


ESI Specialists Inc. offer corporate, government and legal organizations comprehensive document management and litigation support services to help clients manage costs and boost productivity - scanning, OCR, coding, electronic discovery and CT Summation's web hosting. All services from ESI are scalable to suit all budgets.

Loc: Toronto

For unbeatable results, Bell and Howell has the solutions you need to succeed. With a complete slate of offerings from data quality to postal solutions and more, Bell and Howell has been helping businesses succeed for over 30 years

  • We use our expertise to design the database and query to handle the wide range of meteorological data in which Environment Canada is our primary source of weather data
  • We get the job done that meets your specification in a manner that is both efficient and affordable, benefiting your business and lowering your cost
  • We provide efficient and effective solutions; we package meteorological data in the precise manner that suits your needs
  • We provide data processing service that converts data from one format into decoded information of another format

Loc: Calgary