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  • We have the most robust software suite in the Print Management Information System market as well as the technical expertise to ensure a smooth implementation
  • In 2006, both organizations took that relationship to the next level with Avanti becoming a certifiedTogether, we provide our customers with the key hardware and software components required for a streamlined workflow

Loc: Toronto

  • We provide customer service for clients such as Rothmans, Bensons & Hedges, Telus and FCT Communications
  • Our customer care representatives will take orders and answer any product questions your customer may have
  • We market our own line of prepaid phone cards supplying over 1,800
  • RSVP customer care representatives also sell our own brand of prepaid calling cards
  • PKC Group has two business areas
  • Our products and services are delivered mainly to the automotive, telecommunications and electronics industries
  • The global sourcing organisation and efficient logistics chain supplement our service concept
  • Clients stay with DATA because we are a financially solid business partner willing to invest to improve solutions and strengthen relationships
  • The 'right' option is dictated by each client's exact needs, but our solution addresses the following three critical outsourcing issues

Ontario business computer solutions specilaizing in digital imaging and the dental practice including software, hardware, networks, disaster recovery, security

Loc: Barrie

  • What distinguishes our company is our technical skill and commitment to work with our customers to identify opportunities for improving the management of electronic patient records
  • Maya Database Internet is a provider of medical office software solutions based on our knowledge of the medical practitioners' business and requirements

Loc: Calgary

  • INSO a su se démarquer par une gamme complète de services adaptés aux besoins de nos clients
  • INSO possède également une certification couvrant la gamme des produits IBM