Diamond Guitar Pedals - vibrato

The new Diamond Vibrato is a dedicated pitch vibrato design using bucket brigade analog delay technology for true pitch modulating vibrato. In addition the pedal also offers analog chorusing via the Chorus control to blend a variable amount of dry signal with the effected signal. We've included 2 mini-toggle switches on the Vibrato. The 'JAZZ' switch darkens the tone of the effect offering a more 'vintage' flavor. The 'HIGH' toggle switches to a higher depth range for more extreme pitch bent sounds. Expression control of depth, and speed for on-the-fly adjustment and special effects. Mono true bypass operation. Extended headroom 15V internal voltage rail operation. NOS MN3007 bucket brigade delay chips. Please note: The Diamond Vibrato is a true vibrato - not a Univibe (phase shifter) or a tremolo (often incorrectly referred to as vibrato). The terminology can be confusing to say the least!

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