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The EF Series consists of three models designed for specific applications. All drills in this series have similar performance but can be differentiated by their drilling depth and size. The EF-50 and EF-50F are both capable of drilling to a depth of 5,000 feet on NQ, however the EF-50F was designed for portability. The EF-50F is designed to be dismantled; it can be transported via helicopter into remote areas.The EF-75 has the capability of drilling to a depth of 7,000 feet on NQ. Drill Shack The construction of the drill shack consists of steel tubing with half-inch waterproof laminated plywood. The drill shack is designed with easy access to all components that require maintenance and service. A 12-volt automotive lighting system is incorporated at key points in the drill shack to provide sufficient lighting for safety during night operations. The flooring consists of 3-inch thick Juniper wood product for durability and safety from slipping injuries. Hydraulic Leveling A key feature of the EF Series Drills is the hydraulic leveling jacks located in the four corners of the drill shack. The built-in jacks reduce set-up time considerably while being safe and efficient. The jacks have a 4-foot stroke and are powered by the hydraulic system of the drill unit. The drill can be raised by 4 feet allowing for easy loading and unloading from a transport vehicle. The jack controls are situated on the rod handler valve bank and can be removed once the drill unit is settled. Rod Hoist & Wireline Hoist The rod hoist has a lifting capacity of 1,000 lbs. The drive hub is reversible which reduces downtime in field operations if it requires changing. The rod hoist bearings are identical to the ones used in the wireline hoist, the pulleys, and drill head thus reducing the need to carry a large array of replacement parts.The wireline hoist for the EF-50 and EF-50F has a 5,000 foot capacity and the EF-75 has a 7,500 foot capacity. Both of these hoists are equipped with a level wind assembly to assist in guiding the cable. The hoisting system is equipped with a 30 cubic inch high-torque hydraulic motor which provides speed and power for efficient and fast core retrieval. The hoist is designed to be run at full efficiency while using minimal RPM on the diesel engine. Complete Drill Assembly The EF Series drills have a complete drill head assembly which includes the chuck, transmission and rotation motor. The head is designed with efficiency and strength in mind to provide the necessary power to drill down to 5,000 feet NQ for the EF-50 and 7,000 feet NQ for the EF-75. The drill head is driven with a sprocket drive at a 2:1 ratio with a 50-6 drive chain. The rotation motor is a fully variable 160cc (cubic centimeter) to provide the highest efficiency at the desired bit RPM. The drill head has the capability of using B-N-H rods. The transmission is a 4-speed Funk with a first gear ration of 6:1 and a 1:1 fourth gear ratio. Operator Controls The EF Series drills feature a complete instrumentation panel allowing for ease of operation. All the controls are clearly indicated to provide a fast and safe method of operating these units. A full array of gauges is provided to indicate the various in-hole drilling conditions. All the electrical switches and warning lights provide the operator with information related to proper operation of the drill. Rod Handler The rod handler is fully hydraulic with B-N-H rod compatibility. This efficient rod handler has controls that are clearly identified for easy operation by the drilling assistant. The rod handling system is fully designed to provide the drill crew with a fast and efficient method of manipulating drill rods while tripping in and out of the drill hole during the bit changing process. All functions during this task are performed by the drilling assistant inside the drill shack; sheltered from the environment. This rod handler eliminates the need for a drilling assistant to be stationed on the drill mast, which can be 20 feet from the ground surface. Diesel Engine The drill is equipped with a Cummins 215 HP Tier 3 engine. The unit is designed to run at 1,700/1,900 RPM in order to benefit from its peak torque while minimizing fuel consumption. Other engines, with equal horsepower, are available upon request such as Caterpillar or John Deere. Water Pressure Pump The water pressure pump has a capacity of 50 GPM @ 1,000 PSI. It is driven by a 12-cubic inch hydraulic motor. Larger displacement pumps are available upon request. Water Tub The water tub is made out of a translucent heavy plastic with a capacity of approximately 200 gallons. It is equipped with a hydraulically driven mud mixer. A bottom drain is also provided to assure complete drainage if required. Mast R

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