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The Sheriff's Office provides a service to both the public and the judiciary. The primary role of a Sheriff is his or her presence in the courtroom. A Sheriff is present in the courtroom, not only to assist in court procedure by calling jurors and escorting prisoners, but also to provide overall security for the judiciary, jurors, and court staff. It is up to the Sheriff's Office to determine security requirements and to provide emergency response measures for the courtroom and everyone in it.The Sheriff's Office also provides civil enforcement services. They execute seizures, removal of goods and lands, and evict tenants by authority of writs or orders from the court. Only the Sheriff's office has the legal right to seize property or land. The Sheriff's office will ensure the safekeeping of seized goods and will conduct sales of goods and lands.The Sheriff's Office also plays an integral role in the jury process by preparing jury lists, delivering summons, responding to inquiries and exercising the statutory authority to disqualify, excuse and exempt jurors. They mark the attendance prior to court, poll the jury and record the selection of jurors. It is part of the Sheriff's services to explain procedures to jurors, provide or arrange for all jury comforts and needs, and process the jury's fees. Contact Yellowknife3rd Floor Courthouse(867) 873-7620FAX: (867) 873-0188 TOLL FREE: (888) 873-7620

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