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We are here to provide supports, tools and resources to enhance your talent management efforts. We work with you to determine the root cause of your workplace issues, help you develop a plan for improvement and provide you with the tools to support your long term human resources efforts. Whether it is finding the right person, hiring the best person, evaluating performance, increasing retention or increasing employee engagement, we will work with you to create a plan that works for you and your people. We ensure you have the tools you need to maintain successful management of your human resources plan. Increase the effectiveness of your employees by training them consistently every time. From on-boarding programs, change management, time management, effective communication, team building and effective leadership, training is critical for optimizing performance. Gailforce works with you to develop training tailored to your business needs, offering in-person, on-line and blended learning for your business and your people. Human Resources Diagnostics This process examines your practices with respect to your human resources functions, revealing the strengths and weaknesses in your current human resources systems. Our full HR Gap Analysis is the first step in taking your human resources strategy to new heights. BUILDING STRATEGY AND STRUCTURE Having a human resources strategy that supports your business goals helps you link your people's performance to your desired business outcomes. We help you drive business goals through the effective use of your talent by forming a strategic human resources plan that links your organizational goals to your people's daily activities. We suport you in developing the structures required to manage your strategic human resources plan. RECRUITMENT Sourcing With the competition for talent at an all time high, we know how important it is for you to attract the right people for your business. We will assist you to build an employment brand that captures the attention of the talent you need to build a pipeline of talent for your organization. Selection Selecting the right match for your business will decrease your cost of hire over the long run, increase the productivity of a new hire and go a long way to supporting your retention efforts. We will assist you to develop competency based hiring practices that enable you to select the right candidates for your organization. RETENTION Decrease your turnover rates, increase morale and increase the productivity of your people. We will assist you to develop a retention plan specific to your business and people needs. A retention plan that helps you hold on to the talent you need. EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT When it comes to employee engagement, tying your plan to your organizational culture and your people is the key to success. We will assist you to assess the level of engagement within your organization and develop a plan, specific to your workforce, designed to increase engagement and productivity. DIVERSITY Diversity in the workplace is more pronounced than ever, with four distinct generations in the workplace, many cultures working together and a number of other factors that make each person different. A strong diversity plan supports the recognition of talent and gives you and your people the tools to use diversity to the benefit of your organization. We will assist you to create an inclusion plan that links the needs of your customers to the strengths of your workforce, taking performance to a whole new level. MEASURING YOUR IMPACT A successful plan is one that is measured for results. Determining what really needs to be measured to show the impact of your human resources efforts on business success is a fundamental step to ensure the success of your initiatives. We will assist you to create a dashboard that accurately reflects the value of your human resources initiatives in driving your business outcomes.

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