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Have a truly relaxing vacation or business trip with the peace of mind that comes with knowing everything is taken care of at home. Most home insurance policies will not cover damage to a home (flooding, break-ins, etc.) when the owner is absent unless the house is being regularly inspected during the time the damage occurred. We check your house, garage, yard and vehicles regularly so you will return to a secure house with happy, cared for pets, healthy houseplants, and your mail sorted and waiting for you. We can also provide 24 hour home security system monitoring services.If the worst happens, we will notify you and handle the situation on your behalf. Our standard visit includes: A visual security inspection of all doors and windows from outside and inside the house or lake cottage. A walk-through inside the house and garage on all floors. We check bathrooms, water heaters and the laundry area for all signs of flooding. We check the furnace as well as all freezers and fridges and make sure they are operating properly. Adjustment of curtains and blinds as requested to make the house appear occupied. If requested, we can install timers on some of your lamps to make the house appear occupied. Light snow removal from front sidewalks and driveway (price negotiable depending on sidewalk length and size of driveway) Collecting and sorting mail. Mail forwarding for long-term vacationers and snowbirds can be negotiated. Checking and/or starting of vehicles if requested. Watering house plants as instructed. Watering lawns and outside plants as instructed. Feeding tropical fish and small caged pets. A daily checklist will be left at every visit to verify the services provided. We are happy to provide food, care and attention for tropical fish, cats, and small caged animals such as hamsters, gerbils, birds or reptiles. Cage or litter box cleaning can be negotiated. For acreage owners, we will provide food and water for larger animals such as horses and cattle (fees to be negotiated depending on number of animals and frequency of visits). We will provide food and care for dogs for short periods (i.e. weekends).

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