Korean Pear

"Shin-Go" Korean pears are known for their extra sweet taste and juiciness. And now, local scientists are touting Korean pears for their health benefits, especially in preventing cancer.An apple a day keeps the doctors away, or so the saying goes. But a pear a day may keep cancer at bay, according to South Korean researchers. A local university research team claims pears, when consumed regularly after meals, can speed up the elimination of carcinogenic substances acquired from smoking or in some cases eating meat that's been overroasted or burnt. In the case of smokers, the amount of cancer-causing substances in the blood is said to have decreased significantly, according to the scientists, after consuming the Korean pear, while those substance levels increased in their urine. The researchers also recommend heating pear juice, saying heat increases the cancer-preventing substances in the fruit. They advise people, especially meat-lovers and smokers, get in the habit of having a pear after meals as a simple and tasty way to prevent cancer.

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