Tweens 11-13 Audition technique

We don't care if you are young, a tween, we care that you are great. There is no slack here. We are proud to offer Vancouver's teen actors unique and challenging classes. Actors are asked to walk in another's shoes and to understand human behaviour. In doing this we learn compassion. Compassion gives us the Courage to be ourselves while understanding others must be themselves. We believe that a Commitment to that understanding will translate to all areas of an artist's life. Our students are expected to be great, to stretch toward failure, and to embrace their own unique qualities. No one has ever become great by being cookie cutter. You can certainly get to the middle being like all the others but you can not achieve greatness. AUDITION TECHNIQUE Tweens are getting great roles these days! We decided to pay attention to that and create our Tween-centered curriculum. This work will be around the unique stories of the lives of tweens. We will use scripts sourced from local and Los Angeles based series and films. We will look at Nickelodeon, Disney and YTV material as well as strong dramatic story telling. This course is based on the creative work currently being offered to our students. In the beginner class, we will introduce students to the commercial audition process where most artists find their start. In the Intermediate level, we focus on technical aspects of working within the frame to show the character's emotional life and world. In Academy Professional, we work with highly emotional intense script work.

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