Teens 14-19 Audition Technique

We don't care if you are young, a teen, we care that you are great. There is no slack here. We are proud to offer Vancouver's teen actors unique and challenging classes. Actors are asked to walk in another's shoes and to understand human behaviour. In doing this we learn compassion. Compassion gives us the Courage to be ourselves while understanding others must be themselves. We believe that a Commitment to that understanding will translate to all areas of an artist's life. Our students are expected to be great, to stretch toward failure, and to embrace their own unique qualities. No one has ever become great by being cookie cutter. You can certainly get to the middle being like all the others but you can not achieve greatness. AUDITION TECHNIQUE In this Intensive audition class actors learn to make distinctive choices that differentiate them from the herd. It is the YOU in you that gives you star quality. Leading actors aren't just going in and "saying" the lines. They are revealing their particular humanity: their humour, their hopes, fears, strengths and weaknesses. A part of this class will involve using technique to create an inventive and distinct physical presence within the frame. The other focus of this class is making and dedicating yourself to risky and innovative personal choices. BEGINNER WED 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM OCT 3 - OCT 24 NOV 7 - NOV 28 INTERMEDIATE SUN 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM OCT 14 - NOV 4 NOV 18 - DEC 9 ACADEMY PROFESSIONAL TUE 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM OCT 2 - OCT 23 NOV 6 - NOV 27 TUITION: $250 per month or pay in full and receive 10% off

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