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Capital Acupuncture & Massage

8824 160 ave, Edmonton, AB T5Z 3J1

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8824 160 ave
T5Z 3J1


Dr. Lijuan (Lily) Ren has always been loved by her patients as the "gentle, patient" acupuncturist. She has been practicing in Edmonton since 2008 and have already established many great relationships with many patients.

Dr. Lily has a passion for alternative medicine and is a firm believer that acupuncture, massage, and traditional Chinese medicine will not only help compliment patients' treatment through Western medicine, but will go much more beyond the scope of Western medicine to treat those ailments deemed "untreatable" by Western medicine.

For instance, many bodily pains -- lower back pain, joint pain, women's mentrual cycle pain -- can all be easily treated with acupuncture, but in Western medicine will involve many prescriptions of painkillers or hormone therapy. In Dr. Lily's studies, she understands that these Western treatments will temporarily relieve symptoms but will not be able to unroot the problem, leaving more problems for the body in the future.

During each patient's treatment, Dr. Lily is extremely attentive of complaints and carefully assesses everyone's condition to constantly update and revise treatment plan to achieve maximum benefit. She even uses her spare time to research more and tirelessly updating her knowledge bank with the newest medical research.

Dr. Lily is currently living with her husband and daughter in north Edmonton.

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Capital Acupuncture & Massage
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