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Latuch Brothers Farms - Registered Holsteins in Somerset, PA


Ideal weather comes and goes, GaleShield Weather Control Screens let you enjoy all weather conditions by protecting you from unwanted elements.

Let the VIEW IN - - Keep the WEATHER & BIRDS OUT


Bosch Farms Breeders of Quality Dutch and Canadian Warmblood horses


La Ferme Rosdi est une ferme québecoise qui offre plusieurs services à ses clients. Des Randonnées à chevaux ou voiture, des cours sont offerts ainsi que des chevaux à vendre

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We have videoed handlers in barns, trucks, assembly yards, and packing plants. All of them have faced deadlines. All have done their best to move animals effectively and humanely. Some handlers struggle while their co-workers accomplish the same tasks with very little effort. Our focus has been to identify what handlers do to get positive, easy movement and, help other handlers make the necessary changes to achieve similar results

  • Whether your an estate owner, contractor, landscaper, nursery or grounds maintenance crew, there is a tractor at Cross County Equipment to fit your operation
  • Our Service staff from Lucknow includes Wayne McDonald
  • Our number one goal is to keep the customer happy

Loc: Mildmay

Raising Black Angus cattle for 75 years near Swan River, Manitoba Canada with annual Angus Bull Sales in March and April

  • We have been protecting farmers against hail damage loss for almost 50 years
  • You can use our online claim form

Loc: Regina

Rogers Sprayers Inc. manufactures a wide variety of covered boom sprayers for commercial, turf, agricultural, golf course, and residential use. The Falcon and Windfoil sprayers are environmentally friendly and can be mounted to most work vehicles

We are now able to sort pigs into two groups while allowing you to sort a third straight through to market, this will enable you to feed light pigs a different ration than heavier pigs and still be able to sort to market. The five pig sort can be used while developing genetics and enabling you to sort five different weight groups into different feed ration courts. We will shortly be able to ramp all heads to allow you to constantly change sort groups. We also will be able to access your score by wireless transmitter from a remote location

Loc: Sidney

Canadian Lowline Cattle Association supports Lowline ranchers across Canada with a place to stay current with Lowline expansion

Loc: Ottawa

Keeshond pictures, pedigrees, and breed info, AKC show dogs and puppies


  • We grow quality lavender and produce a wide variety of lavender products such as: handmade soaps, sachets, wands, lotions, creams, bath salts, bundles, and arrangements


  • We sometimes get questions from customers who wonder why we say on our label, "No growth hormones added.
  • We raise our cattle without the use of, feeding them a diet of natural grains and grasses
  • We recognize the significant risks associated with the overuse of antibiotics, and we believe that one place to reduce that use is on the farm
  • We won't sell or share your info
  • In some cases we do not have affidavits from the seed stock producer that verifies these bulls have not received antibiotics or growth hormones from birth


Feeding bulls for maximum performance in South Western Manitoba


  • Hoyt Farms was once again the Premier Saanen Breeder and Premier Saanen Exhibitor at the Arkansas State Fair
  • Hoyt Farms is located in De Queen, Arkansas, in the Southwest corner of the state
  • On our farm, we raise ADGA registered Saanen, Nubian, Experimental and Recorded Grade dairy goats, and NPGA registered pygmy goats, along with a few grade pygmies


  • Golding Farms®, Mrs. Campbell’s, Mountain Ridge®, Naturally Healthy®, Little River Seafood Company®, Old Laredo® and Backyard Living®—are in place on store shelves and in commercial kitchens nationwide, often leading sales categories in number of units sold
  • Golding Farms Foods began as Mrs. Campbell’s Canning Company, with recipes for two products—sweet chow chow and hot chow chow


  • Mojave Farms is a family operation that runs on approximately nine acres in Campo California in the foothills of the Laguna Mountains of San Diego County, only a few miles from the U.S/Mexico border
  • At Mojave Farms we also produce our own goat milk soap, using milk collected from our own does
  • Hi and welcome to Mojave Farms home of Mojave Dunes and Mojave Sky Dairy Goats
  • We are not located in the Mojave Desert however, many of our original foundation animals came from herds located in the Mojave Desert
  • Over the next year we will be incorporating many of our goats under one herd name