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The Canadian Savate Federation is a not-for-profit association promoting the martial arts of savate, boxe-francaise and la canne in Canada. Our site includes event info, resources and background about savate

Loc: Toronto

ValleyWide TaeKwonDo in Penticton British Columbia offers excellent Martial Arts training for kids and adults. From beginner to black belt, guided by Black Belt, Master Mike Adams

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Ricky Ray Taylor. Personal Boxing Trainer NYC. Challenge Yourself. 'Nuff said

Loc: - Targeting Products to Compliment Your Business

  • Welcome to North Island Battlefield Outdoor Laser Tag


  • In addition, the newest style of taijiquan, Tristar Taijiquan is fast sweeping China and is slowly becoming known in North America
  • We are the first school to teach this style to the public
  • All our instructors have many years of experience in the martial arts and care deeply about their students
  • Our students keep a positive mindset and respectfully follow the rules of competition

Classical Martial Arts Centre is one of the renowned self-defense training and martial artstraining centre for karate-do, jiu jitsu techniques, tai chi chuan, chi gungand much more. We believe that the nutritional needs of themartial artist are unique because they rely on total physical and mentalcoordination.

Classical Martial Arts Centre is a renownedmartial arts organization and offers many self-defense strategies and martialarts training programs, including ba gwa, ancient weaponry, adult karate-do,jiu jitsu training and much more.

Chatsworth & Hall is a charming ladies clothing and accessories store located in a century old building in beautiful downtown Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Since its initial footprint in Nanaimo in 2008, CJ Martial Arts & Fitness has grown in knowledge and skill while staying true to its roots in the tradition of martial arts. Our School is rich in diversity, offering a variety of disciplines. These include BJJ - Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, MMA - Mixed Martial Arts and Muay Thai Kickboxing - whether separated or combined, will create a well-rounded, confident martial artist. Private instruction allows each individual to accelerate and learn at his or her own pace; while the group training atmosphere is one of comradery, with everyone looking out for each other. This allows skills to be honed and tested in a fun and safe environment.

Loc: Nanaimo

  • The Regina Boxing Club was established in 1949 by Ken Goff and has been operating in the same city owned facility ever since
  • The Regina Boxing Club membership has grown from a low of 85 to a high of 190 participating members

Loc: Regina

  • BARRIE BUSHIDO OPENMartial Arts Tournament
  • Dedication to the competitors and their families and to the strong bond we have as friends and fellow martial artists

Loc: Barrie

Premier destination for 24/7 combat sports news, analysis, interviews, rich multimedia content including videos and podcasts, plus fantasy games


  • Ki Moo Gwan Martial Arts operates under the guidance of Grand Master Thomas Y. Oh 8th Dan Black Belt B.A. B.Sc