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Dewatering press or belt filter press centrifuge for prime solution biosolids, pig manure, cow manure. Fournier screw press for sludge or sewage decanter septage for environmental consideration

The Trough Protector system is a totally maintenance free gutter protection system. It is the ultimate solution to all of your seasonal gutter problems. In the summer, there is no standing water to breed mosquitos, or wet fascia that allows termites or ants to breed. In the winter, your gutters will remain free of ice and snow. In the Spring and fall you'll be relaxing with the peace of mind that your gutters are clean and free flowing.

No nails or fasteners,which may cause leaks, are ever put into the roof of your home. TheTrough Protector system is installedby sliding the system under the first or second course of shingles on your roof. Its unobtrusive appearance is virtually invisible from the street and compliments any style of home.

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  • Our research department is continually developing new and improved products
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KREUS was established to expand cryogenic technology in everyday use such us compact Nitrogen (LN2) and Helium (LHe) Liquefiers to produce on-site cryogens.

Argus is the leading manufacturer of pipeline pig valves, automated pigging systems, automated pig launchers and receivers for the oil & gas sector. We offer premium threading, manufacturing and

  • Servicing our customers with the best vacuum products available since 1974

Loc: Toronto

  • Sempress has been a manufacturer and distributor of quality pneumatic products since 1920
  • Sempress Canada takes pride in offering high quality automation and unique products
  • Sempress is a manufacturer and distributor of quality pneumatic products

Products and Services Offered by Fer-Mar, Regina, SK

Loc: Regina

Dust Collectors, Mist Collection Systems & Industrial Vacuum Cleaning in Ontario, Canada.

Loc: Grimsby

Cleaning Cards prolong equipment life and reduce maintenance cost. Designed to remove contaminates from transaction equipment, cleaning cards have proven that when used regularly they save money

Loc: Langley

Canmore Commercial Residential Cleaning Supplies, Equipment, Repairs, parts

Loc: Canmore

Central-Vac systems provides vacuum sales and service to all central-vac systems and built-ins. Vacu-Maid, Cana-Vac and many other popular brands available to choose from. Sales of powerheads, hoses and accessories can be seen at #7-10 McGillivray Place, Winnipeg, Manitoba. Call us today! (204) 452-5517

  • Diamond Wax and Sanitary Supplies
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For over half a decade, Axis Gear has strived to deliver technically superior, yet stylish custom performance apparel to you and your team

Loc: Toronto

Dominion Carpet Cleaning has provided excellent carpet and upholstery cleaning service to more than 150,000 customers in our 30 years of operation, and we're excited to offer our services to all home and business owners in Manitoba and Northern Ontario. We at Dominion are proud to have built a reputation of being the best business in the industry, providing superior service, quality and values. Our certified technicians continue their education by taking industry courses to keep up with the latest technologies and techniques. We know you will be satisfied because we guarantee our work to your personal satisfaction.

The Ultimate loth is made of a patented MiraFiber Technology and will never streak. Simply Wet (with water), Wring, Wipe and Your Done! Cleans, Dries and Polishes in One Wipe!!! No more cleaning products needed!! Excellent for your home, vehicle, motorcycle and so much more. The one phrase we hear all the time is - "Its a miracle cloth". Share the joy of cleaning! We also have wonderful mops for your floors. Contact us at or 1-800-398-9188 for more information and some terrific testimonials from some of our happy customers.

Loc: Toronto

  • Working with clients from around the world, our objective is to provide fine quality Personal, Skin, Health, and Beauty Care products, as well as a full range of Household Cleaners, at the most competitive cost