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  • We at RICHEZZA, one of India’s fastest growing transcription companies, specialize in providing high quality services to the healthcare industry in U.S, UK and CANADA
  • Our technical support and service team work round the clock, which not only differentiates us from our competitors but also helps our clients gain a competitive edge in the healthcare service industry
  • We possess a vast pool of highly talented professionals and industry experts to ensure most effective and efficient delivery of services to all our clients worldwide
  • We deliver high quality Medical transcription services to satisfy all your transcription needs
  • We deliver medical reports at cost effective rates within an effective turnaround time
  • Everything The Proactive Circle does is grounded in the belief that by building community and challenging your potential you can achieve the success you want – and maybe change the world in the process
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  • We strive to listen to our potential and existing clients and ensure that we continue to offer services that our customers require
  • We strive to maintain constant credibility, by consistently delivering on our commitments, we earn the credibility of those around us
  • Before we wrote our company philosophy we thought it prudent to look the word philosophy up
  • The only thing we could add to that statement would be lives and "works" not that the two are interchangeable, however, for the purposes of clarification we wanted to make sure that they weren't considered mutually exclusive
  • Individually and collectively we consistently work towards providing excellent services and materials and workmanship in a respectful environment
  • For over ten years we have strived to ensure that the delivery of services are the best that we can do