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Are you moving or thinking of moving to Canada? Discover Peel Region - home to the Ontario municipalities of Mississauga, Brampton and Caledon

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About Us

Jet Immigration Ltd. offer honest and proficient Canadian Immigration Consultancy tailored to the needs of every client. Securing your trust and offering you professional, quality service is what we aim for at Jet Immigration . We strive to provide a one-stop package of professional services at very reasonable fee than that one may expect from any High-Quality Canadian Immigration Law Firm. JET IMMIGRATION is a Family Run-Family Owned Professional Immigration Firm. The President cum Principal Consultant of JET IMMIGRATION is a Certified Canadian Immigration Consultant being a member of CSIC (Membership # M052673). We are licensed, insured and authorized to represent your interests andr be your counsel with Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Canada Border Services Agency, Immigration Appeal Division, Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada.

Why Us

The President cum Principal Consultant of JET IMMIGRATION comes with 18 yrs of extensive experience of various Immigration Matters. At JET IMMIGRATION, you can't go wrong dealing with an Immigration firm providing highly professional services with a personal touch. At no time during your relationship with JET IMMIGRATION, you will feel you have been left on your own. We walk you through the complicated processes of Immigration holding hands with you and help realize your dreams of Canada.


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Following is the scope of JET IMMIGRATION’s professional services:

1) Investor Class

2) Skilled Worker Immigration

3) Canadian Experience Class

4) Provincial Nomination Programs

5) Skilled Trades

6) Caregiver(Nanny)

7) Parental/ Spousal Sponsorship

8)Super Visa

9) Study Permit

10)Work Permit

11) LMIA-Labour Market Impact Assessment

12) Extend Your Stay

13) Renewal of Permanent Residence Card

14) Appeals - Permanent Residence, Spousal Sponsorship, Parental Sponsorship

15) ImmigrationSolutions for temporary residents in Canada

Please to consult your options of a Fast Track Immigration to Canada

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KAM International a canada based immigration and business consultants provides canadian immigration,immigration,immigration to canada,visa for canada,canada immigration,canadian immigration information.Consultants for immigration and business in canada offers free online assessment,immigration consulting services to clients in the independent,business and self employed categories.Contact us for information abour new immigration rules for canada

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Jungle Jewelry is the creation of me, Brittany, a self-taught artist and wedding planner from Brampton, ON. I come from an entire family of quirky artsy people. I spent my childhood years helping my mom to sell her crafts at local shows and she taught me various techniques in sewing, ceramic and decorative painting, paper crafts and bead-work. A few years ago, I began making jewelry as a hobby. At first, I wore the jewelry I made and gave some pieces away as gifts. Friends and family suggested I begin selling my work and a few people even bought pieces right off my neck/finger! I then took part in an art fair and from there I was hooked. From that experience, Jungle jewelry was born!

I have several different jewelry collections to suit a variety of needs and tastes. So whether you like elegant and traditional jewelry, modern designs, a natural tribal look or prefer a more sculptural piece, I have a design for you. And handmade jewelry, purchased outside the big boxes from and independent creator like myself makes a great gift!

The handmade movement is important to me for several reasons. Our love of chain stores and big box markets has and is bringing ruin to our economies (buying foreign contributes to trade deficits and encourages sweat labor) and to the environment (as shipping all of these products long distances releases tonnes of pollutant gasses and uses up valuable fuel. As consumers it is important to be conscious of these hidden catches. So while the product you buy in a chain store may appear to be cheaper than a handmade product, there are hidden taxes on the environment, on the economy and on human rights that when factored in, make that product exponentially more expensive.
Next, handmade products are built to last as opposed to the big box item that has been engineered to break down in a set time or to become obsolete (forcing the purchase of a replacement). Quality is an important part of my buying decision. When you purchase a handmade products, you can speak directly to the creator of those products. You know exactly what ingredients went into the creation of said product and you can learn exactly how it was created. Lastly, when you buy a handmade item, you are keeping a small business alive. Small business provide local jobs and make important contributions to the community. They give workers acceptable ways to break free of the oppressive workplace system where an employee is but a number and can be exploited and used up like an expendable resource.

Please take a moment to pledge handmade:

Have a wonderful visit in my shop and come again.

With a smile,


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Pioneer Immigration Consultants Mohali - Best in Punjab, specialized in Immigration and Education in Canada, New Zealand, Australia, UK & other Countries. Dr. Ravi Garg (Senior Director) is Canadian Govt. Authorized Immigration Counsel and member of ICCRC

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  • Nishkam Canada was formed by a group of individuals that wanted to set up a charity that would galvanize the Canadian Sikh community in helping their less fortunate brothers and sisters in India
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  • The Titan Group of Companies follows a team approach to the management of business operations with staff trained and encouraged to make informed decisions and initiate positive actions to continually improve processes
  • The Titan Group of Companies is comprised of 4 operating divisions, a privately owned Canadian business, with the original company Titan Cartage, started in 1962
  • We will conduct a thorough assessment of their needs and guide them through options so they understand what’s available