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By: Zumer  09-12-2011
Keywords: Sustainability, supply chain


Transformative sustainability strategies that deliver a measurable return on investment.

Stakeholder engagement

Smarter stakeholder engagement strategies that maximize areas of mutual interest.

Supply chain management

More collaborative and effective supplier relationships.

Value chain management

Integrated management of sustainability throughout the value chain.

Risk management strategy

Material risk identification and scenario analysis.

Communications and reporting strategy

Communications challenges and opportunities strategy.

Performance management

Key performance indicator management framework.

Training and facilitation

Train business units on attributes of sustainability strategy as well as reporting obligations.

We produce customized and syndicated sustainability research reports for corporations and other organizations.  Our team is able to meet a variety of demands – from esoteric research requests to general industry coverage. Our benchmarking and gap assessment tools enable us to generate reports rapidly and in a cost-efficient manner.


  1. Fast-moving consumer goods
  2. Logistics & transportation
  3. Apparel & outdoor
  4. Energy & utilities
  5. Aerospace & defense
  6. Mining & forest products
  7. Financial Services
  8. Travel & hotels
  9. Food & beverage
  10. Information technology

Research Focus

  1. Supply Chain Management
  2. Materiality analysis
  3. Gap assessment
  4. Socially Responsible Investment

Since July 2010, Zumer has partnered with Sustainable Life Media and the Sustainable Brands conference to produce industry-leading intelligence on sustainability best practices and trends.

Customized intelligence reports

Syndicated intelligence reports

Zumer Information Portal (ZIP)

The Zumer Information Portal has been designed to simplify the sustainability information-gathering process.  As sustainability becomes increasingly strategic, the demand for easy-to-access information is at a premium. The ZIP tool:

  • Tracks 2,500 companies, 30 industries, 4,500 brands
  • Reviews historic performance and forward-looking KPIs
  • Follows news articles and buzz
  • Evaluates 15,000 initiatives
  • Enables benchmarking, gap assessment, issue mapping and materiality analysis

The ZIP framework was developed in conjunction with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).   Since 2007, Zumer has partnered with nine universities to build the framework for ZIP and over 700 students have been involved in populating ZIP with sustainability metrics, rankings and data.

Updated in real-time through hundreds of news feeds and external databases, ZIP provides sustainability professionals with the information they need to deliver data-driven recommendations.

Supplier Tracking & Assessment Tool (STAT)

Zumer’s first-of-its-kind STAT program makes it easy for corporations to follow the sustainability performance, initiatives, goals and progress of their most important suppliers. STAT enables:

  • Supplier tracking
  • Chat and messaging capabilities
  • Supplier search technology
  • Performance tracking and udpates

Through STAT, companies can invite their suppliers to join and upload information into the database.  Simple benchmarking and gap analysis functionality enables procurement teams to compare the performance of like-for-like suppliers.

With this information, purchasing teams can then collaborate with their suppliers, providing simple advice to them on measures to address weak sustainability performance.

Our STAT program is at the forefront of data-driven supplier–buyer collaboration on sustainability.

Keywords: supply chain, Sustainability