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The IT department at IBOPE Zogby International generates the majority of the telephone lists used for polls and surveys. Vendor-supplied lists are used for regions with complex specifications, such as some Congressional Districts. Customer-supplied lists are used for special projects like customer satisfaction surveys and organizational membership surveys.

Telephone lists generated by IBOPE Zogby International’s IT department are culled from the most recent version of a nationally published set of phone CDs of listed households, ordered by telephone number. Addresses are sorted by home and business, and then coded by region to create a “parent list.” A well-tested algorithm is then used to create a smaller “source list.”

The resulting source list – whether from IBOPE Zogby International, a vendor or customer – is loaded into the computer-assisted telephone interviewing (CATI) computer system and the randomize function within the CATI software is run to further assure a good mix for the final telephone list.


Interviews are conducted in the call center at IBOPE Zogby International’s headquarters by professional interviewers trained on its computer-assisted telephone interviewing (CATI) computer system. Corporate policy allows one supervisor to no more than 12 interviewers in order to maintain the best quality control. The CATI system gives all prospective respondent households in the source list the same chance of joining the sample. Regional quotas are employed to ensure adequate nationwide coverage.


Weighting is used to balance the responses from the actual respondents with the targeted demographic profile. The proportions comprising the demographic profile are compiled from historical exit poll data, census data, and from IBOPE Zogby International’s extensive survey history.

Sampling Error

Sampling Error, also referred to as the Margin of Error, is the percentage that survey results are likely to differ from the actual results due to the size of the sample drawn. If a survey were conducted of all the members of a population, the sampling error would be zero.


IBOPE Zogby International boasts an in-house, proprietary panel of respondents – several hundred thousand people – that has been in development since 1999. IBOPE Zogby International has recruited panelists in many different ways. Participants can sign-up to join our panel via our website. We also recruit panelists via telephone surveys as well as through different list brokers and partner websites.

The nature of traditional live-caller telephone polling, a methodology also used by IBOPE Zogby International, is changing as technology improves and more American households use other forms of communication such as smartphones and computers. As a result, IBOPE Zogby International recognized that public opinion research must change to meet the needs of this increasingly mobile society, and created the IBOPE Zogby Interactive survey methodology that has become a leader in the industry. IBOPE Zogby International’s interactive panel is an accurate and reliable tool that is paving the way for even better survey results.

Here is how it works:
  • IBOPE Zogby International survey respondents chose to be in the database, but cannot choose the polls they will answer. They are invited to participate in specific polls - much like telephone poll respondents are invited to take a survey over the phone by answering the phone and agreeing to answer questions.
  • The survey is active on secure servers until such time as it is deemed that the proper number of respondents have completed the survey to fulfill the requirements of that particular polling project.
  • When needed, IBOPE Zogby International's interactive polling is supplemented by telephone polling conducted in the on-site telephone call center to guarantee a full and proper representation of all demographic groups.
  • Once the desired number of respondents have completed a survey, IBOPE Zogby International technicians process the results, weighting each poll according to standard practices to reflect the age, gender, geography, race, religion, political affiliation of the population a particular survey is designed to emulate.

The online interactive panel has some unique advantages compared to traditional telephone polling. Studies on online interactive polling show that Internet access penetration in the United States today is nearing 80%, and is expected to increase. This, combined with the fact that an increasing number of younger respondents do not own landline telephones, suggests that the Internet is becoming the most viable means of reaching some key demographic groups.

From an operational point of view, interactive polls are attractive for their lower cost. They share some of the desirable properties of focus-group studies, because they allow for more in-depth questions, and the ability to test subjects using audio, video and other multi-media techniques. They also provide for more expressive and detailed open-ended responses. In addition, this method allows for larger sample sizes, which leads to more powerful cluster analyses, and prompt recognition of emerging groups and patterns.

Yet another significant benefit of the interactive survey methodology as employed by IBOPE Zogby International is that a survey can be fielded in a very short amount of time, yielding over-night results. In a world where events can change circumstances by the hour, this short turnaround time is an important factor that makes the public polling industry even more impactful for clients.


IBOPE Zogby International has multiple measures in place to guarantee that its panel of interactive polling respondents reflects the appropriate demographics necessary for each client.

Respondents who sign up for the interactive panel are asked a series of demographic questions, such as race, gender, and political affiliation. The names are removed and replaced with a unique identifier, but their demographic data file is kept in tact.

IBOPE Zogby International’s Interactive closely follows the demographic makeup of its panel. When the panel begins to diverge from the demographic makeup of the overall U.S. population, adjustments are made to ensure that the panel remains in sync with general population trends. One way that is achieved is through the recruitment of new panelists with the needed demographic characteristics. This is accomplished with the call center using various lists to reach out to potential respondents.

Another aspect of IBOPE Zogby International Interactive quality control is to randomly check the authenticity of individual responses to all online surveys by contacting up to 4% of each online respondent pool via telephone. In that telephone follow-up from IBOPE Zogby International's own on-site call center, live operators ask respondent a random sample of the survey's questions simply to check to see that their responses to the interactive survey were accurately and reliably recorded. No other pollster in the industry takes such a step to guarantee the security and veracity of their polling product.


We offer a variety of focus groups including in-person, online, and bulletin board focus groups to fulfill every client need.

In-Person - for when you need participants in the room with you; perhaps to touch stimuli or flip through presented material.

On-line - particularly useful for when you need a focus group of nationwide participants or busy professionals; this option saves both time and money on travel.

Bulletin board - useful for hard-to-reach participants and also a cost-effective methodology that allows you to conduct either a private conversation or group dialogue. Saves time and money.

Keywords: Call Center, interviewing

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