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We offer a variety of soft tissue manipulation techniques for treatment of stress, pain, and other physical conditions.  These techniques incorporate background knowledge of anatomy, physiology, kinesiology and pathology.  


Hydraulic Massage Table

Our new location is furnished with an electric lift massage table to significantly enhance the delivery and comfort of each therapy session!

Massage Session

30 min / $40

45 min / $55

60 min / $70

90 min / $95

Paraffin Wax Treatment Area

Hot wax therapy is an effective treatment of swelling joints and arthritis and connective tissues.  It is often used to treat  injuries related to repetitive stress and to soothe swelling and stiffness from sports injuries.  This method of treatment has been around since the 1960's for treatment of arthritis and tendonitis.  Recently the treatment has gained appeal for its effects on the skin as a luxurious moisturizer.

Pre-Paid Packages       

v      Packages consist of  6 sessions

v      Payment can be made in full on the 1stvisit,

v       (Or) two installments: on the 1st and 4th visit.

                         1st visit        4th visit         total           (per session)  

¾ hour           $220       $80      $300         ($50)

1 hour            $260       $100     $360         ($60)

1 ½ hr           $360       $150     $510         ($85)

Receipts will be given after each session

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Keywords: Massage