By: Zcura  09-12-2011
Keywords: Hospitals, supply chain, Healthcare Industry

ZCURA brings  the healthcare industry over 50 years of combined experience in the activities of development,  implementation, and post implementation support in the supply chain solutions offered. The result of this experience is a proven methodology that assures the consistent performance expected by the users, and establishes the process steps. 

Achieving success requires teamwork and, successful teams are built on trust, focused on a goal. Whether on a field, on stage, or in an office, all success starts with the individual and is dependant on trust.  In hospital setting, patient outcomes are dependant on clinicians having the ability and the information to make decisions on life threatening events. Also required, is having suppliers with the same goal in building quality and safeguards into their product. With today's technology, hospitals can take the next step in improving patient outcomes. Systems today, can access more timely information from the multiple sources, so that clinicians can improve decision making. But suppliers of these systems have to have the same goal as clinicians.

At ZCURA, our passion for patient safety is fueled through having personal consequences from an adverse event and our commitment is to bring your hospital, the highest quality product; built on the most current technology platforms. To make it all work - our responsibility is to provide the most knowledgeable subject matter consultants for your success.

Keywords: Healthcare Industry, Hospitals, Implementation Support, Patient Safety, supply chain, Supply Chain Solutions, Technology Platforms