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By: Zak Pashak  09-12-2011
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Social Media in the recent Calgary election
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My friend who was involved on the Higgins campaign recently sent out a draft of a blog entry he is working [..]

Six Good Questions
Here are six good questions I was recently asked.
1) If you had been Alderman when the decision was made to build the bridge, would you have been for it, or against it? Would you have requested that the money be spent more effectively or would you have been on board with the construction of this bridge? What about [..]

Advance Voting
Election day starts today!  Well, sort of- advance polls are now open.  Get out and vote early- the more early voters the better.  Once you vote you can start hounding your friends and family to vote or you can spend your time helping out Sled Island and Broken City founder Zak Pashak by volunteering to help his team.
Let’s get this [..]

Keywords: politics

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Thoughts on Key election issues————————————————————————–A major focus for me in this election is that the city of Calgary asked us what kind of city we wanted, we told them, they did up the plans, and then the Aldermen voted to change those plans without saying much more in some cases than that the UDI (a Calgary developer think tank/ lobby.