Wild Salmon Products from Yukon King Seafoods of Alaska

By: Yukon King  09-12-2011
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You can now order your supply of healthy wild Yukon River salmon right online, insuring immediate delivery, and the highest quality and care available.  Yukon King Seafoods is the only Yukon distributor to offer the fishermen's catch directly to you.  Taste Yukon.. Tast the richness.

King Salmon Portioned Fillets

Flash frozen & vacuum-sealed immediately after processing to lock in the exceptionally rich succulent flavor only known to Yukon Kings.  The highest oil content (over 25%) known to Alaskan salmon is necessary for the long journey up the Yukon River, often stretching well into Canada.  The deep orange-red flesh & firm-moist flakes are coated in the salmon's natural oils, creating a unique and delicious taste only possible with Yukon King Salmon.  The perfect 6-12 oz. dinner portions create a lust for salmon unknown to any other salmon delicacy.

King Salmon Portioned Steaks

Perfectly portioned 6-12 oz. vacuum-sealed steaks ready for the grill with plenty of belly meat that melts in your mouth the oil content is so great and delicious.

Chum Silver-Bright Salmon Portioned Fillets & Steaks

The richest Chum Silver-Bright Salmon known to Alaska with firm moist flakes and an oil content up to 13%.  These 6-12 oz. portions are flash-frozen and vacuum-sealed for great salmon dinners.  The Yukon Chum Silver-Bright is the premier Alaskan Chum Salmon and some Alaskans will even confuse it with other Alaskan King Salmon when served without telling them.  You will definitely taste richness when you try Yukon Chum Silver-Bright.

Coho Silver Salmon Portioned Fillets & Steaks

These exceptional summer salmon are caught in smaller numbers due to their elusiveness in the river.  The Yukon Silver Salmon is a rich silver salmon, but the mildest Yukon Salmon Species with an oil content of 7.5%.  Portions are vacuum-sealed and sent in 6-12 oz. servings ready to eat or freeze.  Prized throughout Alaska and preferred by many Native Alaskans. Winner of the 2001 Symphony of Seafoods Peoples Choice & Grand Prize Awards, and the 2006 Smoked Products 1st Place Award, for the only two years entered, Yukon King Seafoods Smoked Products are proven to be among the elite nationwide.  Our success lies within the time-honored traditional practices of Native Alaskans in Marshall and allowing for more time, patience, and perfection with our secret recipe in developing the finest smoked products available.  If you like smoked salmon, your taste buds will crave for more Yukon Smoked Salmon.  Taste Smoked Yukon Salmon & taste the difference.

Smoked Yukon King Salmon

Flavored to perfection with assorted Cajun, pepper, lemon-pepper, and traditional seasonings.  Our Smoked Cajun King Salmon won the 2006 Symphony of Seafoods best smoked product and people's choice awards in Las Vegas.  All smoked products are hot-smoked and vacuum-sealed to capture the river freshness.  The high oil content and added flavoring will make you question: Is this even salmon? As you grab for more. 0.25 - 0.75 lbs. portions

Smoked Yukon Chum Silver-Bright Salmon

*** Temporarily Out of Stock ***  Hot-smoked, vacuum-sealed, and flavored with either pepper or traditional seasonings, this smoked chum fires the tastes buds like no other Smoked Chum Silver-Bright Salmon.  0.5 - 1.0 lbs. portions

Commercial Fishery Run Timing for Yukon Salmon

The commercial fishing seasons for Yukon Salmon Species and are as follows:

  • King (Chinook): June to early July.
  • Chum (Keta):  Mid June to late August.
  • Silver (Coho): August to early September.

Keywords: Oil, Salmon