By: Yu Ccan  09-12-2011
Keywords: Herbs, Herbal Tea


The original product, the Yu-ccan Herbal Drink is used to decrease toxins in the system and thereby improve health.  Herbs have been used for centuries by almost every culture to help maintain health and balance in body. Even our ancestors understood that certain herbs promoted the assimilation of nutrients in foods they ate. The YU-CCAN HERBAL DRINK is a special combination of herbs synergistically blended to give you the nutrition you need and the benefits you desire. The natural way to good health for the entire family to enjoy.


Canaid is a quality preparation of four herbs \r\nblended in a pleasant tasting tea. YU-CCAN proudly brings you the benefits of a most remarkable blend of herbs. This ancient but still sought after natural gift to mankind has long been treasured for its exclusive properties. CANAID HERBAL TEA is also known for its pleasant herbal taste. Your whole family can enjoy this refreshing, beneficial beverage. Guaranteed 100% pure herbal.


Yu-ccan's B-Fit is a nutritional supplement to aid in our goal of health and fitness.  With the image of being physically fit and trim, a growing popularity for both exercise and dieting exists in our society. Both of these activities, while being very positive, tend to put stress on the body. YU-CCAN has addressed this concern by developing B-FIT. This amazing product is a unique combination of pure herbal extracts, scientifically blended to enhance the metabolism while also giving support to every organ and gland in the body. Truly a product that promotes good health.


A nutritional feed supplement for household pets & livestock. Added to the feed, IMPROVE will make your current feeding program more effective and efficient. 


Revive is a highly concentrated extract of Cilantro. Each tiny drop of Revive is equivalent to 1/2 pound of fresh raw Cilantro.  Cilantro is the leaves of the coriander plant and is rich in flavonoids and trace minerals. Cilantro has been known to help digestion and support intestinal health, as well as aid in the excretion of heavy metals from the body.


Cool Eez is a powerful antioxidant, liver tonic, and immune stimulant, is also antibacterial, antifungal,and antiviral.   Cool Eez is a combination of true Mediterranean Sage Essential Oil, extra virgin olive oil, and natural vitamin E.  Sage has been revered as a healer throughout time as evidenced by its name "Salvia" comes from the Latin word meaning "healthy", "to heal", or "to save".

AIR-AID  -  Air-Aid improves the quality of air in our environment.   FRESH  -  Fresh effectively neutralizes odors. 

CLEAN N' CLEAR  -  Helps speed the natural digestion or breakdown of organic waste. Cleans and clears bodies of water . 

SHOWER FILTERS  -  Makes your hair softer and more manageable and your skin more youthful. 

SUPER-GRO  -  Super Gro is a totally organic, environmentally friendly soil conditioner. 

WATER SYSTEMS  -  Reverse Osmosis water systems provide the very best in clean, clear water for consumption.

Keywords: Herbal Tea, Herbs