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By: Ramshackle Theatre  09-12-2011
Keywords: Cardboard, Sci-fi

Ramshackle Theatre » Coming Soon

A cardboard science fiction puppet show

Adults $15   Kids $8 tickets at Bent Spoon Cafe

An all ages cardboard puppet show  filmed and projected live on to the big screen, in order to create a one-take 1960s sci-fi B-movie.

The style of Sci-Fi Double Feature presents low-tech special effects and cheap materials with a high degree of hand-made craft and referential humour.

This show is made almost entirely out of cardboard and tape, with a lot of the detailed work fashioned out of paper, string, wire, tape, and shish kabob sticks. By limiting the work to these materials, the show alludes to low-tech effects used in 1960s sci-fi b- movies. Think of the flying rocket ship held by a string, or meteorites made of scrunched tin foil. Sci-Fi Double Feature builds humour by preforming these sort of obvious tricks and allowing the audience to be in on the joke.

This permission given to the audience is central to the show. Unlike a regular movie, where you can only see what is “in-frame”, in Sci-Fi Double Feature you are encouraged to watch the “making-of” as it unfolds on-stage.

Like any good drive-in theatre, this exhibition showcases two sci-fi movies, complete with an animated intermission.

Show 1: “Attack of the Slime-O-Trons”
Two intergalactic lovers must save earth from a hoard of vengeful invaders.

The serene and peaceful planet of Hasbro is famous for its boardgames. But after designing the game of Trouble after the iconic bubble-top of their inter-planetary neighbours, the Slime-O-Trons, their paradise is quickly thrown into peril. Offended by their depiction, the slimy-green nation destroys Hasbro, following the royal family’s escape pod to planet earth. In the heat of a burning metropolis, and on the brink of utter destruction, the royal princess and a terrestrial nerd meet and fall deeply in love. But before they are able to consummate their attraction, they must first save each other from the gooey grips of the vengeful invaders.

Show 2: “Last Day on Earth”
A professor and his dog travel back in time on a quest to prove the existence of a three-headed dinosaur, only to find they’ve arrived minutes before a impending meteorite threatens mass extinction.

The Professor and his dog Marty are on verge of a major archeological discovery. But when they present their theories of a 3-headed T-Rex to their peers, their imagined fame and fortune are replaced only by laughter and ridicule.

On a mission to prove them wrong, Marty and the Professor jump into their time machine to collect more evidence. Crash-landing into the Cretaceous period, they discoverer their time machine is busted, a hungry tri-rex at their heels, and an impending meteorite threatening mass extinction.

Intermission: “Zoobee Zoobak and the Non-Registered Inventor’s Summit”
One duck-billed host’s attempt to stave his inventor’s trade-show from the brink of utter failure.


The amazing Erin Corbett will start the show off with a mash up of projections from Science Fiction films from the 1950′s and 60′s.

Free popcorn will be given to audience members dressed up in Sci-fi costumes!

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Keywords: Cardboard, Sci-fi