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By: Openbroadcaster  09-12-2011

OpenBroadcaster is an integrated open source software communication application that manages through the internet, remote control and management of on-air radio and TV community transmitters. Radio station in a box. The system enables authorized community and audience members to request content online, generate dynamic play lists, program theme based segments and interact with other audience members. User Determined Radio. It is available as a stand alone application and is easily ported through an API to CMS such as Joomla or other social networking sites and automation systems.

Existing broadcasters will benefit from OpenBroadcaster solutions because it extends the operating life of existing analogue transmitters in service adding new RDS features enhancing revenue generating opportunities using low cost hardware. Media monitoring capabilities use the station to record and archive other radio stations newscasts providing a secondary revenue stream and tools for the news room.

OpenBroadcaster brings social media together with community participation blending internet with local on-air broadcasting. Through a web interface there is reduced administration costs in the operation and management of community airtime as content can be uploaded, created and scheduled off-site. Self serve process reduces the need for “set-up” time at the station in preparation for airing a broadcast allowing more resources to be directed to generating revenue, creating content and providing localized community messages

  • Dynamic Segments and Play lists created from global search results
  • Permissions Matrix to assign users and groups to media and time slots
  • Uploading multiple content with enhanced metadata capture and bulk editing
  • Scheduling content and permissions to the second, logging mode for remotes in GMT
  • Device master Playlist and localized station ID
  • Complete system API with FaceBook “What's Playing” plugin
  • Emergency Broadcasting for all media with transponding reports
  • Ajax optimization eliminates page refreshes, loads application into your browser
  • Video and Image Preview Support and "to be approved" que with archiving
  • HTML 5 eliminates the need for multimedia plugins and codec
  • Internationalization so that foreign text can be saved ie: Sanskrit, Chinese, etc
  • Centralized server administration of all devices operating in a cloud environment
  • GTK Audio\Visual Remote Application runs on Ubuntu at transmitter site
  • Intergrates with ShoutCast and IceCast and most streaming providers

Formalize module/theme

So that new features can be introduced into the OB environment by thirdparty developers.  We include 2 themes that can be modified so users can easily create a branded skin.

Install feature

We have a simple install script and   Deb package for the remote linux applicaion.  All of the project is hosted on Github so we can push/pull updates to remotes and server.

OB to OB communication

This allows interaction between autonomous OB networks and sub networks.  Example: The process to distribute commercial material and emergency announcements between portal A (Yukon) and Portal B (Northwest Territories) where these groups normally don't share content or interact.   Upload one media track and have it play at all stations once.

Embedded small device

The panda board outputs 1080i and this runs digital signage and community access channels on cable.

Smart phone mobile app

We have 2 methods, the first is a mobile web browser implementation.  The second is an actual application, programmed to talk with our API to do things like upload an announcement directly into a users profile and schedule from smartphone.

Ecommerce module

Ebusker to pitch loonies electronically to artists playing on radio and TV in real time

Login with either "demo" or "enhanced"      Use"openbroadcaster" is the password

To take advantage of HTML 5 capabilities the demo site is best viewed with Google Chrome browser

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Licencing - OpenBroadcaster

The most notable exception is if you change or add to the code and you use the software as the basis of an Internet, hosted, SaaS or network-based service, you must publish your code or buy a commercial license. OpenBroadcaster has two versions of software, the open source Community Edition and commercial Enterprise Edition, that share a body of source code. Enterprise Edition is available under a traditional commercial software license.


Low cost 5.8 GHZ STL

Supply feed location, plug in power to wifi antennae and encoder, point to base and the feed will broadcast automatically. Remotely link a studio to an analogue transmitter up to 10kms using 5.8 GHZ microwave and hardware based encoders. Using the priority port of hardware encoder\decoder makes for a simple way to do remotes.


Emergency Messaging - OpenBroadcaster

Easily break into local programming of participating stations and send live feed originating from anywhere on the internet. Upload and schedule emergency announcements to specific transmitter sites and devices through simple web interface. Case history of Yukon blackout and link to DIAND case study.