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By: Fireweed Helicopters  09-12-2011
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We are renowned for offering innovative and cost effective solutions to difficult logistical problems.
is equipped with on-board Sat-phones, Real time sat flight tracking, moving map GPS and FM radios for dependable communications.

Camp Mob-in and Mob-out

Nothing can beat our Bell 204C for pound per mile cost. Lifting 8 drums of fuel , 3200lb net loads and with a large interior cargo space, it makes moving even small camps very efficient.


Most small fly camps can easily be mobbed in with the 206’s or 500's. Fly-camp repositioning can be combined with resupply runs.

Drill Moves

Diamond Drilling is the mainstay of most exploration programs. We have very extensive experience moving all types of drills to all sorts of inhospitable places. Drill weight and target altitude will help determine which helicopter is best suited to your program. Each year we have a number of helicopters committed to season-long drill programs for major exploration companies.


2 x 2 posts are still an integral part of Yukon exploration. Our Bell 206’s and MD 500's are best suited to staking. The 500D and 520N are particularly good at working in tight locations.

Keywords: drill