Purchasing Programs

By: AFD Petroleum  09-12-2011

Keeping projects on schedule and within budget is important to AFD. We work with our clients offering a range of  purchasing programs to meet project specific requirements. Flexibility in fuel price helps our customers accurately plan project budgets and meet financial projections.   

Ceiling With a Floor

Allowing AFD customers the opportunity to take advantage of market fluctuations in a secure environment, the price of fuel in the Ceiling With a Floor contract will vary within a specified price cap as well as a specified bottom line.


Ceiling Without a Floor

When purchasing fuel for a project through AFD's Ceiling Without a Floor agreement, customers benfit from all downward movement in the market yet never pay more than the contracts' specified ceiling.

Fixed Fuel Price

The Fixed Fuel Price contract offers AFD customers a consistent fuel price for up to 60 consecutive months.


Other products and services from AFD Petroleum


Systems & Technology

Moving away from the traditional three-step system offered by our competitors, AFD's Streamline System provides a seamless link between the refinery and the customer. Up-to-the-minute information allows AFD customers to reduce inventory costs by decreasing the need for buffered inventories and eliminating costly fuel run-outs.



Sourcing fuels from a variety of contract vendors, AFD is able to offer all customers supply security and flexibility which supports our claim that, “AFD customers do not run out of fuel.. AFD offers you a level of support unmatched in the industry and works with you to make certain that you have the right products in stock to keep your operation running seamlessly.


Race Fuel

For all forms of off-road and off-street competitive motor sports in engines with effective compression ratios up to 13:1. TT111 L, TT114 L and TT118 L fuels are for off-street, off-highway and sanctioned race use only and are NOT street legal. Primarily for drag racing but suitable for other forms of racing as well.


Award Lubricants

AWARD Transmission Fluid is specifically designed for modern Caterpillar transmissions as it provides excellent compatibility with transmission components and premium frictional characteristics to maximize equipment performance. Heavy Duty Engine Oils are part of AWARD’s family of premium quality engine oils designed to provide world class performance in today’s diesel truck engine fleets and in modern gasoline engines.