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By: AFD Petroleum  09-12-2011
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At AFD, we are serious about quality and are committed to creating a full line of specially formulated, premium blend heavy-duty lubricants. 

Multi Grade

The Multi Grade family of AWARD motor oils is designed to provide exceptional protection for all types of North American and imported vehicles in both hot and cold weather. Both grades of AWARD Multi Grade motor oil exceed the API SL service classification and can be used where API SJ and SH are recommended. AWARD Multi Grade is designed to deliver optimum performance when blending with conventional base stocks. 

• AWARD Multi Grade 5W30

• AWARD Multi Grade 10W30

Heavy Duty Engine Oil

Heavy Duty Engine Oils are part of AWARD’s family of premium quality engine oils designed to provide world class performance in today’s diesel truck engine fleets and in modern gasoline engines. Formulated with precisely defined additive components in premium lubricating base oils, these oils provide exceptional performance in terms of soot control, engine cleanliness, and in extended oil drain programs.  

• AWARD Synthetic HDEO 5W40 • AWARD HDEO 10W
• AWARD HDEO 15W40  

Tractor Fluid

Award Tractor Fluids continue to provide excellent lubrication in a wide variety of farm, construction, and forestry equipment. Award Tractor Fluid and Award Tractor Fluids Low Temp are recommended for a large number of both new and older tractors including most auxiliary implements. 
• AWARD Tractor Fluid

•AWARD Tractor Fluid Low Temp

Transmission Fluid

As equipment designs change to improve durability and efficiency, AFD designs lubricants to keep pace. Caterpillar's redesigned power shift transmissions incorporate new frictional materials in their clutches which are no longer compatible with many traditionally recommended engine oils. AWARD Transmission Fluid is specifically designed for modern Caterpillar transmissions as it provides excellent compatibility with transmission components and premium frictional characteristics to maximize equipment performance. 

• AWARD Transmission Fluid TO-4 10
• AWARD Transmission Fluid TO-4 30
• AWARD Transmission Fluid TO-4 50

High Performance Hydraulic Oil 

AWARD Hydraulic Fluids are reformulated with the latest generation anti-wear hydraulic oil chemistry and AWARD’s high quality HVI basestocks. AWARD Hydraulic Fluids maintain an exceptional performance profile while achieving improvements in wet filterability, tolerance to contamination and frictional characteristics.

• AWARD Hydraulic Fluid HVI22 • AWARD Hydraulic Fluid HVI36
• AWARD Hydraulic Fluid AW32 • AWARD Hydraulic Fluid HD46

Automotive Gear Oils   

AWARD Gear Oils are extreme-pressure (EP) automotive hypoid gear oils designed to exceed the latest performance standards for heavy duty, severe service and are designed for service in the drive-train gears of heavily loaded equipment and passenger vehicles. 

• AWARD Extra Duty Lotemp 

Moly Grease

• AWARD Extra Duty EP2

Moly Grease

• AWARD Gear Oil 80W90 GL-5 • AWARD Extreme Lotemp

Moly Grease


Keywords: Lubricants

Other products and services from AFD Petroleum


Purchasing Programs

Allowing AFD customers the opportunity to take advantage of market fluctuations in a secure environment, the price of fuel in the Ceiling With a Floor contract will vary within a specified price cap as well as a specified bottom line. Flexibility in fuel price helps our customers accurately plan project budgets and meet financial projections.


Systems & Technology

Moving away from the traditional three-step system offered by our competitors, AFD's Streamline System provides a seamless link between the refinery and the customer. Up-to-the-minute information allows AFD customers to reduce inventory costs by decreasing the need for buffered inventories and eliminating costly fuel run-outs.



Sourcing fuels from a variety of contract vendors, AFD is able to offer all customers supply security and flexibility which supports our claim that, “AFD customers do not run out of fuel.. AFD offers you a level of support unmatched in the industry and works with you to make certain that you have the right products in stock to keep your operation running seamlessly.


Race Fuel

For all forms of off-road and off-street competitive motor sports in engines with effective compression ratios up to 13:1. TT111 L, TT114 L and TT118 L fuels are for off-street, off-highway and sanctioned race use only and are NOT street legal. Primarily for drag racing but suitable for other forms of racing as well.