Failure and elimination method of electric butterfly valves

By: Valmax Valve Co.,Ltd.  09-08-2013
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1, electric butterfly valve installation qualification match whether SENMI product performance and medium flow direction arrow condition and movement, and clean the valve plug cavity, in the ring and the butterfly board with foreign impurities are not allowed, not cleaning must not allowed to close the disc, so as not to damage the sealing ring. 2, electric butterfly valve supporting flange is recommended to install special flange butterfly valve, that HGJ54-91 type socket welding steel flanges. 3, electric butterfly valve installed in the pipeline location, the best location for vertical installation, but not flip. 4, electric butterfly valve in use need to adjust the flow, a pneumatic actuator control. Manual butterfly valve 5, open, closing times more, in two months or so, open the worm wheel cover, check whether the normal butter, should maintain the right amount of butter. 6, check all connection requests pressed parts, namely, to ensure that the sealing filler, and can ensure a flexible stem rotation. 7, metal seal butterfly valve is not suitable for installation in the pipe end, as must be installed in the pipe end, needed to be equipped with outlet flange, to prevent the ring backlog, a bit. 8, the stem response to regularly check valve installed to use effect, found that failure to timely. Electric butterfly valve sealing surface leakage troubleshooting 1, the butterfly plate, sealing surface are junk folder 2, the butterfly plate, sealing surface is not closed position. 3, the export side arranged flange bolt force does not Remove electric butterfly valve at both ends of surface leakage fault 1, both sides of the gasket failure 2, pipe flange tightening force or uneven compaction 3, a sealing ring, sealing gasket failure

Keywords: Butterfly Valves, Electric Butterfly Valves, Valves,

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