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By: Ystreet  09-12-2011

At i.c.stars, we believe in the value of communicating with clients and potential clients through all relevant channels, including social media. Sharing consistent and relevant content through blogs and newsletters and engaging in conversations is a valuable endeavor that, when done right, will translate into increased awareness of and leads for your business.

Writing and sharing unique content, however, takes significant time and effort . That is why at i.c.stars we have designed a unique process that enables our team to manage your executives through a monthly process that reduces their time investment in creating and sharing blog articles from 5 hours a week to 30 minutes per week. Our trained social media professionals will work on sharing out your content to drive site traffic and leads so that you can stay focused on your core business activities – although we’re also great at teaching and happy to help you learn along the way.

Moreover, by purchasing social media from i.c.stars, you are creating jobs in Chicago for a talented and under-utilized workforce. The profits from our social media services are reinvested back into the program to fulfill our mission of training additional relevant, young tech talent.

Learn more about our unique social media process, check out our case studies, or contact us for more information.

Social Media Success Stories

  • Provides broadband services to housing communities
  • Goal: Bring in new sales leads
  • Results: 4 qualified leads since start of campaign - 3% of blog readers

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