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By: Ystreet  09-12-2011

Over the last few years many CIOs in the i.c.stars network have come to us and asked if we could do projects for them. These CIOs have one of two goals in mind—either they are headcount restricted and can’t hire, but want to participate in a way that also gets work done, or they want to hire, but need to see what i.c.stars are capable of and verify the fit before making a permanent offer. We are meeting the needs of both types of CIOs through our Corporate Fellowship Program.

Through the last few years of executing this program, we have found that a solid consulting partner makes the model work for all parties involved. Our partners are heavily invested (both financially and through volunteering) in the i.c.stars mission. We are working with our partners along with our CIO supporters to identify the types of projects that offer predictable, high value results using i.c.stars fellows as a part of the resource mix. These projects are professionally managed by our consulting partners and often times include senior technology resources as well. This model is a win-win-win-win design:

  1. For the CIO organization—this is a meaningful way to participate in the program and get real project work done at a competitive price point compared to other vendor options. If you are interested in hiring the i.c.stars fellows after the project completes, then this is a uniquely valuable model because other vendors would charge considerable fee’s to hire away their talent.
  2. For the Consulting partner—this is often an opportunity to begin a working relationship with an i.c.stars CIO supporter. In addition, many consulting partners also participate in order to groom and hire the i.c.stars fellows after successful project completions. (NOTE: the hiring intentions of both CIO client and Consulting partner are made known up front in order to avoid conflicts down the road—we are all working toward the best outcome for the i.c.stars fellows)
  3. For the i.c.stars organization—this model represents a scaling mechanism for the organization. As offshoring and automation have increased the experience levels required to become hired full-time, this model provides an employment bridge required for us to serve more people and replicable model for other locations. In addition, a portion of the billable fee’s from the project come back to i.c.stars and help fund further recruitment and training.
  4. For the i.c.stars fellows—this model provides real-world paid work experience while continuing studies in an associates degree program. In cases where either the CIO organization or the consulting partner have intentions to hire, this is an excellent context to learn about their prospective employer. In addition, all i.c.stars fellows are part of the i.c.stars health insurance benefits program.

The following list of partners and offerings is continuously being updated. Sign up below to get news and updates about the program and to learn more.

  • Risetime - Chris Youngren - Business Process Workflows (K2, Sharepoint, etc.)
  • Capax Global - Sharan Hildebrand - Microsoft CRM
  • Microexcel - Paul Simon/Denise Hazaga - SAP Testing
  • Geneca - Mark Hattas - Custom Application Development
  • Consejo - Shawn Shell - Microsoft .NET and Application Migrations
  • Geneva Technical Services - Rich Linden - IT Staffing

To get started becoming a Corporate Fellowship Client, please complete this basic form and someone will follow up with you right away:

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