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Workflow and Microsoft Dynamics GP


Today organizations face the challenges of globalization, which have led to unprecedented levels of competition. In competitive global markets, organizations need to find better business solutions, with flexible and reliable structures. Much of an enterprise’s infrastructure and organization is enabled by information systems that directly or indirectly support business processes of crucial importance to growth and survival. By managing these processes more efficiently, competitive advantage can be gained via cost reduction, product enhancement, and customer service improvements.


While it is impossible to have employees work 7 days a week, 24 hours a day making consistent decisions according to business rules without incurring additional cost, workflow technology can eliminate constraints of time, economics, resources and human limitations by automating business processes that would otherwise require an impractical level of time, money, resources and capacity to execute.

Workflow is defined as “the computerized facilitation or automation of a business process.” Developing an automated business process requires both tools and materials. The workflow system is the tool that is used to easily assemble an automated business process. It uses specified events, business rules, conditional routings, predetermined tasks and data from the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to seamlessly integrate that business process “structure.”

ERP workflow tools can be used to automate internal processes, as well as customer and supplier interactions. It enables event management in various forms such as supply chain management, customer interactions, quality initiatives, inventory reduction programs, faster new product introduction, and reduction of outstanding accounts receivable, etc. The application of workflow tools is specific to a company’s business strategies and objectives.

Here are some of the typical real world samples:

Order Administration: Workflow notification to be sent via e-mail to a salesperson whenever a customer places an order. It is verified against the original quote and a sales order is created. As a result, salespeople are able to quickly check order accuracy, taking into consideration the products, quantity, pricing, and terms.

Accounting: Process by which an invoice is generated and mailed to the customer after the product has shipped. Workflow automates the accounting procedures where documents, information or tasks are passed between participants according to a defined set of rules.

Customer Service: Detect and track new customer service requests from start to completion. The process automatically routes the request to the most appropriate customer service representative (CSR) with the required data. Reminders are sent to the CSR when issues are not closed in a timely manner, they can be escalated to higher levels of management if needed, and customers are notified of changes in the status of their service requests.

Dynamics GP addresses key pain points in the financial management and reduces your time spent on routine tasks by automating the accounting routines. Its flexibility allows it to be adapted specifically for your business to best serve your needs. Employees can maximize accuracy through the flexible, automated approval routings tailored to their roles.The increased efficiency not only saves you money and time, it also provides spontaneous information updates that help financial staff and executives to validate figures and solve problems. Furthermore, you can easily access customer information and financial details to help you gain insight into the information and make informed decisions.

Dynamics GP delivers business intelligence capabilities through a broad range of flexible, customizable analytics, reporting, and budgeting options to meet your company's needs—from advanced consolidation analysis to the simplest reporting requests. Microsoft Dynamics GP applications tap into powerful reporting, analysis, and budgeting tools—providing easy access to customer information and real-time insight into the critical information needed for timely and informed decisions.

Key Benefits:

Works the way you do - Like Office. Notable ease of use with a familiar, Microsoft Office interface, role-based home pages – that means that it provides you with a familiar, comfortable software environment that lets employees work in the way most productive and effective to each person, so they won’t need to struggle to learn new technologies.

Deep Functionality. Strong, industry-leading functionality across financials, distribution, manufacturing, and integrated CRM to help ensure that this is a solution you will not easily outgrow.

Strong Analytics. Enables access to key business metrics to make decisions quickly and take action with deeper visibility using key performance indicators and the Executive Center - that means, for your managers and executives, it offers fast access to a rich arsenal of business intelligence and analytical tools—in the format they need, when they need it—so they can make better, faster decisions.

Highly Scalable. GP has proven scalability to at least a thousand users.

It’s Modular. You can buy only the functions you currently need, with the option of adding users and additional capabilities in the future.

Proven ROI. An independent study by Nucleus Research found that 87 percent of GP small- and medium sized business customers achieved a positive ROI from their deployment with an average payback period of 21 months.

Clear Roadmap. GP has a clearly defined and published roadmap, with support and enhancements guaranteed.

Considering implement workflow on top of your already deployed Great Plains system?

Over a long term time period, business process is the essence to the success of a company. Making the advancement to Dynamics GP brings the operation of your company to a whole different level. Not only does it give you a competitive edge over your rivals, it could change. We are excited about this solution, and believe that with your experiences and talents in working with small to mid-market businesses, we’re a step further down the path of helping you realize your full potential.

Having realized the benefits Dynamics GP can bring to your existing system and assessed the benefits it can bring to your company, you might have concerns about the implementation of Dynamics GP. After all, GP bring about significant changes to your business processes routines.

Youngland uses well-established methodologies for planning and completing Dynamics GP implementations. Our implementation consultants will apply strong technical and functional skills in the implementation of Great Plains to smooth your transition to the new system. We tailor the services provided in any implementation to meet your expertise and experience. We will adapt the processes to specifically address your individual company's needs.

Youngland’s Great Plains Implementation Consultants will be focused on the delivery, implementation of Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) solutions. Our responsibilities:

-Install or upgrade and configure Microsoft Dynamics GP
-Perform business requirements analysis and design
-Perform gap analysis between Microsoft Dynamics GP functionality and client's requirements
-Identify and recommend product customizations, enhancements to meet client requirements

At Youngland, customer satisfaction is highly prioritized because we firmly believe that taking care of customers takes care of business. Our staff is dedicated to bring you exceptional care and support. With this as our business model, we are dedicated in providing our customers with the best services because their satisfaction is our reward.

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