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By: Yoko Reynolds  09-12-2011

DESIGN YOKO | Services

If this is your first attempt to create a website, it maybe hard to know even what questions to ask. At DESIGN YOKO, we communicate using everyday language, analyze your business and personal goals, and think about your future needs. With us, it doesn’t end when the website goes live.

More and more people use their website not simply as an online brochure, but for interacting with clients and as a dynamic marketing tool. With actively managed sites, it is important to be able to make changes and updates easily. And the way a website is created in the first place makes a big difference when it comes time to stretch out to the next level of internet marketing. DESIGN YOKO creates websites from an all-round perspective. Apart from being functional, attractive, and easy to navigate, our websites are flexible, allowing you to simply add content, and they are easily searchable by search engines

The first thing we ask you is:

  • Who is the target audience?
  • What do you want to do with your website?

With the answers to those questions, DESIGN YOKO will propose different options matched to your business needs and budget.

Further considerations are: