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By: Yankee Insurance  09-12-2011
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We would like to thank you for browsing our website today. If you are in the market for inexpensive individual insurance policies, you came to the right place. At Yankee Insurance Inc. our responsive agents are here to aid you! Yankee Insurance Inc. is a Massachusetts insurance agency that provides a list of comprehensive affordable individual Insurance plans for Duxbury, Dorchester, Quincy, and Plymouth Massachusetts giving its residents the peace of mind.

This is a list of our generally competitively priced personal insurance products designed for Plymouth, Duxbury, Dorchester,  Quincy in addition to Massachusetts :

  • Car Insurance coverage-Mass
  • House owners Insurance coverage-Mass
  • Renters Insurance-Mass
  • Umbrella Insurance-Mass
  • Flood Insurance-Mass
  • Motorcycle Insurance-Mass
  • Watercraft Insurance-Mass
  • RV / Motor home Insurance-Mass
  • Dwelling Fire Insurance-Mass
  • Off-Road Vehicle Insurance-Mass
  • Snowmobile Insurance-Mass
  • Life Insurance-Mass
  • Health Insurance-Mass
  • Earthquake Insurance-Mass

Yankee Insurance Inc. is committed to residence of New England individual insurance policies at prices won’t cut into your bank account, furthermore we maybe able to find ways to save on insurance without reducing insurance policy coverage, via combining 2 or more of your insurance policies under a single umbrella insurance policy. Numerous individuals purchase many different insurance policies with different carriers. Once combining individual line insurance policies with Yankee Insurance Inc., we will be capable of presenting huge rate reductions on insurance, saving substantial quantities of money that can be used to pay bills or save for the future. Everybody knows that your auto, your home, and your life all demand security. And many company supply you with just a number, for us, it’s more than that. It's providing you with customer service, no pressure tactics at insurance rates you deserve..

Thank You.

Yankee Insurance Inc.

Yankee Insurance Inc. has the most affordable Massachusetts Insurance, we can write Plymouth Massachusetts Insurance, Duxbury Massachusetts Insurance, Dorchester Massachusetts Insurance, Quincy Massachusetts Insurance, and all of Massachusetts,online Massachusetts Insurance quotes Available.

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Motorcycle Insurance affordable Plymouth MA Quotes

Getting your the right bike insurance is usually a dreary job .The concept ought to be "purchase the Greatest motorcycle insurance contract on the market", which will have the essential features of covering; protection for your self, loss against damages coupled with not being exceedingly expensive.


Flood Insurance affordable Plymouth MA Quotes

Standard Flood Insurance Coverage If you should live in a area that participates with the *NFIP, your structure as well as its contents can be covered by a Standard Flood Insurance policy. Preferred Risk Policies If your house or firm is within a low or moderate risk zone, your house may perhaps meet the requirements to buy low-cost Preferred Risk Policy.


Yankee Insurance Inc. affordable Plymouth MA Umbrella Insurance protecting Duxbury,Dorchester,Quincy

Essentially, Umbrella Insurance shields you from the legal problems that go outside the liability limits of an average insurance product Umbrella Insurance coverage is added liability protection, by filling in insurance coverage gaps, helping to shield you financially.


Homeowners Insurance affordable Plymouth MA Quotes

Included in liability issues, typically, is injury or property damage that you or a member of your household causes to another person. You can create a comprehensive policy with your insurance agent that provides adequate coverage in the areas you need it. Typically, floods, earthquakes, and normal wear and tear are excluded from homeowner’s insurance coverage.


Renters Insurance affordable Plymouth MA Quotes

The moment a home owner decides to let their house out for rental purposes, distinctive liability and safety concerns appear, at this time there will be business-related considerations to focus on. A Plymouth Massachusetts renters insurance policy can help protect your individual property from fire damage, theft, and vandalism while also providing liability insurance coverage for your guests.


Auto Insurance affordable Plymouth MA Quotes

Collision Coverage- This insurance package will take care of all expenses incurred in the form of repair and replacement costs by the policy holder at the time of the accident but the point to remember is that this kind of auto insurance coverage would take into account the market value of the car while paying for damages sustained.