granular oak

By: Xtraoak  09-12-2011
Keywords: French Oak, American Oak, Laminated Paper,

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XTRAOAK granular oak is for use mainly during red fermentations.

Granular oak aids color stability and can help moderate excessive vegetal character.

Its particle size allows for easy application at the crusher sump with reduced “dusting”.

Available in 40 lb. food grade plastic laminated paper bag and bulk bag of 800 lbs.

Keywords: American Oak, French Oak, Laminated Paper,

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A grommet ring on the corner of the bag allows for easy attachment to tanks in a “tea bag like” fashion. XTRAOAK Stavettes are 3” x 3” x 3/8” oak segments packaged in a 20 lb. nylon immersion bag. These large format pieces allow for a slow and even extraction.


oak chips

XTRAOAK oak chips are available in 20 lb. immersion bags, 40 lb. laminated paper bags, and bulk bags (600 lbs. for American and 720 lbs. for French). They can be added during fermentation, during aging, or as a “finishing” oak treatment. XTRAOAK oak chips are a highly versatile and cost effective winemaking tool.


oak on a rope

Our unique 14 piece oak block design allows for evenly integrated oak flavors and aromas. XTRAOAK “Oak-on-a-Rope” provides an oak profile of up to 70% new oak.



Xoakers will contribute a complex oak character, rounding and softening wines while enhancing the mid-palate. These 1” solid oak spheres are perfect for precise, uniform additions of oak to neutral barrels.


stave fan assembly

XTRAOAK representatives work closely with individual winemakers to create a new oak percentage of choice. Designed on a stainless steel cord with a stainless steel spring clip these 20, 30, or 40 sq. XTRAOAK fan assemblies create a “barrel like” oak profile in stainless steel tanks.


barrel inserts

XTRAOAK barrel insert units provide a slow extraction for a complex oak renewal. Use in a neutral barrel to achieve up to 80% new oak.