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By: X2 Medical Billing  09-12-2011
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health insurance demands so you dont have to.

X2 Medical Billing will work closely with your office staff to ensure all information needed by our office is obtained in a timely manner.  We are willing to come in to your office to pick up billing information or it can be faxed or mailed, which ever is convenient for your staff.  Upon receiving the information we will enter all demographics and billing information into our system and the software our company uses will allow us to quickly review and locate any errors for correction.  All areas of the demographics must be complete before our software allows the claim to be submitted electronically. X2 Medical Billing has at this time deverloped it's own medical billing software per Hipaa Compliance. This software is not for sale or lease. 

Insurance Claim Follow Up

We follow up on claims daily using the electronic file id's to keep up with what stage the process is in.  This allows us to find out if any information may be needed for further processing and payment.  We can then notify the medical facility for the additional information and be prepared to act accordingly when the explanation of benefits arrive.  Some insurance companies will allow us to appeal over the phone or internet, but in some cases they may need operative reports or other additional information to complete the process.

Payments & Correspondence

Payments and correspondence from insurance companies or patients may be faxed or mailed to our office daily or weekly.  In some cases the medical provider may want to have all  mail delivered to their bank and we will then be given an electronic key to retrieve all checks and correspondence via a secure internet site.  All checks will be posted daily with reports faxed over to your office for review.  Correspondence is worked daily and we will notify your office if any information is needed from the doctor for appeals. 


At the end of each batch entry a detailed report will be printed that sums up all data entered.  These reports include CPT, DX codes, patient account numbers and any receipts posted for the day.  Each report will also include a running monthly balance. At the end of each month a detailed analysis and summary report will be transferred to a disk and given to the physician for review.  Additional and custom reports are available upon request.

Patient Statements

Statements are sent out to patients on a monthly billing cycle if the medical providers request.  Patients will be able to review all charges and receipts applied to their account.  Notes may be added if needed. Some medical offices prefer to post daily deposits and mail out statments themselves. There is an added fee for this service.

Tech Support

An added feature to our services will be X2 Medical Billing tech support.  The president of X2 Medical Billing is a software engineer.  This will eliminate any issues other billing companies, clearinghouses or doctor offices may have with off site support.  When problems arise we will be able to address them here in our office immediately.  X2 Medical Billing will also have the ability to stay up to date with any software changes that the government makes due to HIPAA.  X2 Medical Billing will also be able to update our software to keep up with any electronic demands.  This will enable us to get claims out and revenues returned in a timely manner. Please make note that all medical facilites that sign on with us are responsible for their own hardware and software issues in their office. And that any issues with EDI companies are completely out of our hands.


Consulting services . Fees are separate and negotiable.

We look forward to working with you!                                                                  

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