X10 Protector Plus Voice Dialer Home Security System

By: X10  09-12-2011
Keywords: Home Security

It's no wonder why Protector Plus is America's favorite wireless home security system, and through the years, Protector Plus has also become my favorite home security system. Now it can be yours too for this unbeatable price! For ONLY $119.99, I got unbeatable three-way protection that includes a piercing siren, flashing lights and an automatic voice dialer that calls up to four numbers when alerted. With four Door/Window sensors to detect any intrusion and two WIRELESS Motion Detectors, this is the ultimate in home security for the ultimate price! My house is now a fully protected fortress that I never worry about when I'm at work, on vacation, or asleep.

The system works like a charm and I never have to pay monthly fees. I also saved money with installation. The Protector Plus took me only 29 minutes to set up! That's less time than it takes me to cook dinner. And, it's so easy to install, a child could do it!

Once working, there are no codes that I have to remember. My system turns off and on with the touch of a button. So when I'm running out the door on a Monday morning, I don't have to juggle my coffee, keys, briefcase, and muffin as the Keychain Remote is so convenient. I'm assured that my doors, windows, and rooms are protected by wireless sensors that cover 16-zones of my house! If my alarm is tripped, a Screaming Siren and Flashing Lights will warn intruders that my home's fully protected, while the Voice Dialer alerts up to 4 people of my choice about the break-in. This way, the would-be burglar is stopped and I'll never be charged for false alarms.

Of course, the Peace of Mind that Protector Plus gives me is the most priceless advantage of this complete security system. I know that my home's protected and that with no monthly fees, I'll be able to spend money on the things I really want like saving for my upcoming trip to Mexico.

I saved over $267 on this unbeatable, professional system. Gets yours now at this incredible price! And never worry about your home security again.

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Keywords: Home Security

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