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By: X.t. Construction  09-12-2011
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Energy Saving Tip

Having energy makes sense.
If your trying to find the secret to having an energy-smart home.

In a word, its conservation.

That means a smaller, well insulated home that takes advantage of passive stratigies, that doesn't demand much energy to heat or cool, and uses the most efficient means to meet its energy requirements.

Whether you are building or renovating, a lot of material and product decisions go into a house like this. Some of these strategies and materials are not cheap, but these investments in your home will save you money and reduce greenhouse-gas emissions everyday over the rest of your and your homes life.

A Few Standards

Energy Efficient Windows and Doors

Double paned, tinted, reflective, gas filled, and weather stripped. Older windows and doors tend to leak air and can actually cause up to 30% of your total heat loss during our Canadian winters. During the summers, air conditioning will leak just the same, causing over worked, inefficient use of your means.

This means it costs you more in the long run to heat or cool your household.

Renovating can ensure you have new windows and doors, with proper framing to seal the gaps for years.

Low - Flow Toilets

The average household toilet accounts for as much as 30% of the water usage.
By simply using a 6L low-flow toilet as opposed to an 18L per flush toilet, your water usage has dropped by up to 20%.

Helping the environment, and helping your bills stay low.

Insulated Pads

Built into your flooring, your heating can emanate from the floor, radiating upwards from your feet and generally create a fantastically comfortable atmosphere. However concerns are often raised regarding usage and waste therein. The answer is simple: Insulate your unit to ensure the heat goes Up, not Down.

We do this with styrofoam, which will not degrade and will ensure lasting service.

Programmable Thermostats

The average furnace heats a home to comfortable temperatures relatively quickly. However, the furnace doesn't know when to quit unless you have a programmable thermostat. By scheduling your usage, you can heat your home, or cool your home at the proper times and leave your systems off otherwise.

This can save you hundreds of dollars per year! Ask about our HVAC services.

High Efficiency Forced Induction Furnace

Minimal heat loss means your bills stay low. A proper furnace will ensure that with minimal effort, your HVAC system distributes your heat as necessary throughout your home.

Coupled with our insulated floor heating, our clients enjoy comfort all year whether in a home or office building.
X.T. Construction understands that efficiency is made of multiple facets, and your furnace is a core component.

We listen to our clients and want to know the options they wish to include in their vision.

Keywords: furnace, Insulate

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