XPR Loud & Clear Public Relations

By: X Public Relations  09-12-2011

We know that talking to the media or a room full of potential investors about your company, product or service can be an intimidating proposition.  We also know that a media interview or analyst presentation can make or break a company trying to court public opinion. 

That’s why we created XPR EasySpeak, our own comprehensive media and spokesperson training program that represents the best practices culled from our years of working with PR agencies and serving as company spokespersons during everyday and crisis situations.  We regularly use this advanced service to train and prepare our clients for media interviews, speeches, analyst meetings and any other instance when message delivery is of vital importance.

XPR EasySpeak is available on a per-project basis or as part of a larger XPR program.  Regardless, each half- or full-day session features a customized blend of the following elements:

  • An establishment of the training objectives.
  • A general description of print, radio, TV and online media, and what reporters, editors and broadcast producers really want.
  • A study of the techniques that reporters use to get spokespersons to say too much.
  • A summary of media do’s and don’ts – and the most common interview mistakes.
  • The fundamentals of crisis communications.
  • Practical steps on folding specific key messages into every public conversation.
  • Interview tips including body language and spokesperson style.
  • Mock print and TV interviews – usually based on a hypothetical crisis situation.
  • A videotaped second round of interviews for professional evaluation and critique.
  • A comprehensive leave-behind packet of training materials.