XPAK High Speed Robotic Bundliing System XP-W9115RD

By: X Pak Usa  09-12-2011

XPAK was commissioned to design and manufacture a robotic bag bundling system to match the speed of the latest high-speed bag filler from Bosch Packaging (the fastest system currently on the market.)

In collaboration with SIEMENS and ABB Robotics, XPAK's engineers developed an innovative solution for a high-speed robotic bundling line.

This versatile, high-speed robotic system is flexible enough to suit the needs of multiple industries.

- Speed - up to 150 bags per minute
- Protection - Totally-enclosed bundle
- Savings - Eliminate the use of corrugated
- Flexibility - Easy product changeover
- Uniform Package - Flattens & unifies the product for even bundling
- Versatility - Optional use of corrugated boxes

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Xpak USA - services

XPAK's engineers and industry partners work together in response to end-user requirements to achieve an effective and efficient integration of packaging lines. XPAK provides advice on best practices as well as providing all line and equipment layouts. XPAK Provides Line Design, Configuration, Integration and Optimization services. XPAK provides solutions for integration of packaging machinery and technologies.


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The shrink wrapper Model XP-S8000C is an automatic production machine designed for 24/7 production at speeds of up to 60 (single lane) or 120 pks/min. The system is capable of packaging both loose products and products already in trays. The dual-lane option increases the system speed to up to 120 pks/min.