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By: Wright Momentum  09-12-2011

Take everything you know and turn it upside down, inside out and discover a few key things that turn you on and make you come alive! Now that you have discovered the areas in your life that are not working or not providing the meaning and results you desire, it’s time to address them head on and get all the support you need to do it!


  • Coming clean with your excuses, fears and anything else that gets in the way
  • Discovering the “meaning” behind your desire for change
  • Allowing “meaning” to fuel your fire on your  first step and many more
  • Prioritizing the things that matter
  • Taking action of new strategies
  • Creating healthy habits that lead to consistency
  • Feeling confident in your self and your plan

What you’ll experience:

  • You will be encouraged and empowered to make decisions.
  • You will be held accountable
  • You will be acknowledged with lots of support, feedback and your own awareness and trust in the process

My commitment to you:

As your Guide, Facilitator and Coach, I will take you through my process that builds capacity for change. I will share my insights, offer strategies, help to you to organize and integrate new ideas, habits and goals.  Most importantly, I’ll  listen and be real.

Who this program is for:

An individual who is aware they need to change and can’t live any longer staying the same! You say “I can’t stand it any longer;  I need direction, support, genuine care and a reality check with compassion!”

A business leader or owner who is aware that things need to change, aware of  the “what” and ready to build and create momentum around that change.

This program is not for: those who aren’t ready or willing to make a change or sabotages every positive intention.


So Here’s the deal:

Since this is a new program and I invite a select group of individuals to go through the program and fully participate in the  process with me.  As we collectively move forward in the 90 days, I want to “test” all my material and make sure you are getting the value and results you deserve. Your contribution will be important.

The upside to all of this, is that you get a great deal:

A 90 day program for $777 (my regular clients will know this is something you can’t pass up). The investment for this program will go up once it has passed the grade and had it’s final tweak!

What you get for your investment:

  • 9 individual strategy sessions over the 90 days
  • 8 teleseminar classes over the 90 days which include webcast, handouts and live Q & A
  • 10 minute “in a moments notice” coaching on select days; for when jitters arise, issues arise and you need rapid response and confidence in your intended action

I encourage you to take action today and move forward in your life with confidence, energy and results.

Yours in Trust


The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011

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