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By: Wright Denture Clinic  09-12-2011
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Dentures and Partials

They are removable appliances that replace missing teeth for the function of eating and chewing and the purpose of appearance and comfort. They normally require replacement after approximately five years, due to the bone resorption and shrinkage of the tissue in the mouth.

BPS Dentures

Wright Denture Clinic prides itself on the quality of dentures it provides for our patients.

With sophisticated intrumentation and techniques, all your facial information is recorded to recreate the character of your smile and restore the natural contour of your lips and facial muscles.The FACEBOW (TransferBow) registers closure and arc of rotation and reproduces the jaw movements. This data is then transferred to the Stratus 200 articulator, which replicates that movement of your jaw and gives us the relation of the upper to the lower.For more information, please .

Equilibrated Denture

A technique which creates a better relationship between upper and lower dentures and reduces the number of adjustments after insertion. It ensures a better fit. They require replacement after approximately five years, due to the shrinkage of tissue in the mouth.

Surgical Dentures

Surgical dentures are constructed in our office before natural teeth are extracted. They are inserted in the mouth immediately after extractions are finished in the dentist office. Numerous temporary liners are required while healing and shrinkage occurs, which eventually lead to a reline. A final reline would occur approximately eight months following teeth extractions.


A denture reline is needed when a denture starts to slip or fall down due to constant bone and tissue changes in the mouth. Denture relines are usually required approximately every two years. It is the replacement of the pink acrylic inside the existing denture.


Repairs consist of repairing fractures on dentures and replacing broken or missing teeth.

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