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By: Wright Coating  09-12-2011
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Wright Coating Technologies will assist in the design of your product for functional or decorative coatings on a large number of substrates, including certain plastics. We can also design and build the fixtures for properly holding the parts during our coating process. In addition, Wright is capable of testing various substrates and configurations as well as developing custom coating systems to meet customer’s expectations.

Wright processes and materials meet a number of automotive, military, and environmental specifications and standards.

  • ASTM D 3363 – Pencil Hardness
  • ASTM D 523 – Gloss
  • ASTM D 3359 – Cross Hatch Adhesion
  • ASTM D 522 – Flexibility
  • General Motors – 4350M, 4383M
  • American Axle – MS.4001, MS.4011
  • Steelcase – ES1-01-00
  • Military Specs – A-A-59464, A-A-59464A, P-20689
  • Ford Plastisol Spec – ESB-M48148-B
  • Dana – ES-103531
  • Harley Davidson – HC2.03.14, HC2.03.12, HC2.03.19
  • Whirlpool – FO 14
  • Chrysler – MS PE.16.2

Wright can give you the technical support, not only from an engineering perspective, but also from an R&D point of view.

  • Wright staff will assist you in coating applications and custom coatings
  • We work with our customers to develop custom engineered coatings
  • We have custom designed application systems
  • We design fixtures and tooling for your coating requirements
  • Wright Coating’s Engineering staff is continually researching new coatings and applications

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Instrumentation is calibrated by our Quality staff and kept in the Quality Department’s climate-controlled area. Lean principles applied during continues improvement. Stage and 3 stage monitored washer systems. Master standard and visual standards used. Lot control and lot traceability.


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