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Repair estimates, supplements, first party, third party, steering,…. The list goes on. What does it all mean? We can provide straight answers to help you navigate the complex maze of collision repair. Ask Wreck Check. We'll help you. CRM will define the actual damages to your vehicle, and will help you achieve a proper repair. Service includes a comprehensive inspection of the subject vehicle and suggestions on handling the complex maze of collision repair. Use this service if you are experiencing problems with the repairs done on your vehicle. Service includes personal inspection of vehicle, written report on overall quality and safety of repair, review and discussion of shop and insurance paperwork, plus digital photos on CD This service will identify and value the inherent, repair and insurance related Diminished Value. Service includes detailed inspection and review of insurance and shop paperwork, preloss value, post repair value and total Diminished Value. The measurement of property damage is the before and after value. Insurance Companies hope to restore the value with repairs. We can value the property before repairs begin for a better settlement. We can document any remaining structural damage that may still be present in a repaired vehicle. Computerized, full color printouts of deviations from factory specifications leave no question on the extent of repairs. Use this service if you think the insurer in under-valuing your vehicle. Service includes an inspection of the vehicle, and full documentation on value using Massachusetts Regulation guidelines for determination of values.
All insurance policies provide an appraisal clause which gives you the right to challenge the insurers’ settlement. It can be used in the repair process or if the vehicle is a total loss. Wreck Check Assessments of Boston owner Bob Collins has been qualified as an expert witness on collision repairs and DV. If you’re headed to court, bring an expert! Were all the repairs completed? Were new OE parts used or aftermarket parts used? Is my vehicle safe to drive? Is the frame fixed correctly? We can answer these and any other questions you have. Call for more information. Digital, 35mm, close up and enlargements. Full color evidence of the issues. Call us with your requirements.
Stated Value Appraisals for personal, insurance, tax or estate reasons. These special interest vehicles require special knowledge and consideration which Wreck Check Assessments of Boston can provide. Buyer Beware! Don't get stuck with a badly repaired vehicle or an unsafe one! Find out more before you buy! Inspection includes measuring vehicle for excessive paint thickness, visual inspection for prior collision or flood damage, and expert, unbiased opinion on its condition. Problems with the vehicle you just purchased? We can help here too.
Maximize recovery, reduce costs and take advantage of the tax code. We are here to help.Free initial 15 minute consultation. Up to two hours of telephone or email consultation is available for $75.00. Client will also receive a $75.00 credit to any company services product listed above. Not Legal Advice
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