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By: Worldemergency  09-12-2011
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Food helps you maintain energy in a crisis. Your Body needs water because dehydration can cause organ failure.





Price : $ 7.00/pack

The Land of Milk & Honey TM The Five-Year Food & Water Pack

Contains : Emergency Food Bars, Emergency Water Supply

Price : $20.00


One Complete Meal, Ready-to-Eat

Price : $7.00

Millennium (Gourmet Food Reserves)

Be Prepared..Store What you Eat and Eat what you store..

Price : $ 75.00

Mountain House

Nutritious High Performance Food. Great Tasting, Shelf Stable for Years, Compact & Lightweight, Convenient Preparation Pouch.

Price : $10.00

The Land of Milk and Honey 22 Meals

22 Emergency Food Supplement Protein Meals

Price : $ 30.00


The Water and Power Kit is a lifesaving necessity providing you with a 33 gallon industrial strength water container including a treatment solution which produces emergency water for 5 years. Also, a companion water pump is provided to help supply you with every precious drop.

The Team Security Force Power Supply kit gives you direct and immediate power where and when you need it. It is powerful and PORTABLE, strong enough to operate your computer three times longer that the conventional power packs.

Team Security Force Power Kit has multiple operational functions. It will even help jump start your car. Moreover, it comes complete with a powerful solar panel that recharges the system by the sun.

Water Pouches

Quench your thirst in any situation with Water Pouches. The safe emergency drinking water.

Price : $0.50/pouch

Aqua Blox

These foil-lined boxes are like the boxed juices you buy for your children at the grocery store- only there's water inside. These boxes of emergency water have a minimum shelf life of 5 years and are approved by the Earthquake Preparedness Society. EPA approved.

Price : $0.75/box

Water Preserver CONCENTRATE  

Water Preserver Concentrate was tested and developed to be used with WaterCube Brand containers and all other containers that meet the following description.

Water Storage Life

Laboratory tests have shown that water prepared and stored using Water Preserver, as directed, will remain bacteriologically safe for drinking in 5 years. This product is registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and State Agencies. The bottle can purify up to 55 gallons of water and preserve it for 5 years

Price : $15.00 per bottle        

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Keywords: Food, Water