Find A Part By Model & Serial Number

By: Work Positioner  09-12-2011

Find a part by model and serial number

MRK SALES, INC. offers you the ability to find a part for your forklift, aerial lift, floor scrubber, pallet jack, and agricultural equipment.  With our numerous resources we will help find your product quickly at a reasonable price.

How it works:

Step 1: Enter your contact information

Step 2: Enter your part #, description, and quantity

Step 3: Enter any additional information on the product

After we receive your request we will research it and contact you with results.

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MRK SALES, INC. Reseller Program

Whether you are looking to sell one item from one of our specialized industries or all of our lines of products from all of our specialized industries, we will work with you just the same. We offer many different products for many different industries and we work with thousands of resellers that take advantage of our reseller program every year.


Controller Repair

Sw.154-006-279154-008-713/001 Card154-008718 Turbo Card154-008-931/001 Card154-008-932/001 Card154-008-940/001 Acc.154-008-940-003154-008-944 Turbo Board154-008-945 Turbo Card154-008-712/001 Card154-012-517-206 Card Assy-Ct154-012-520-01 Card Assy.



Why compete against us when you can join us and become a partner. Commission rate is 3% on the products that are sold.