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By: Wordmeridian  09-12-2011
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The WordMeridian team excels at making ideas meaningful. Good writing conveys essential messages in ways that make sense to their intended readers and audiences. Whether you need a brochure, report, speech, news release, Web copy, or other communication vehicle, you can trust us to find the right language to get your point across in an effective, memorable fashion.


Skilful editing enhances meaning through thoughtful analysis and careful revision. Many clients turn to WordMeridian for copy editing assistance (e.g., ensuring proper word usage, punctuation, grammar, spelling). Others look to us for more in-depth, content-oriented services such as structural editing (reorganizing a text's content and logical flow) and stylistic editing (improving clarity and readability, and making sure jargon doesn't get in the way).

Public Relations (PR)

First-rate PR is about developing trust, dialogue, and mutual understanding between an organization and its publics. WordMeridian's PR expertise helps ensure clients' key messages reach their key stakeholders in an honest, clear, and memorable manner.

Project Management

WordMeridian's project management service is a start-to-finish package. Depending on your needs, we can help you determine the scope and objectives of your project, write and edit as required, manage the budget, coordinate project team members, and bring on qualified professionals to help with relevant tasks (e.g., designing, indexing, publishing).

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