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By: Wood'n'horse  09-12-2011
Keywords: logging

Conventional logging methods are geared towards large-scale tree harvesting, with little concern for the resulting impact on the area logged. However, in order to log in sensitive areas such as parks, different techniques are necessary. Wood’N’Horse Contracting provides low-impact logging services for areas where the final appearance is important. We are experienced in both selective tree removal and ground-impact minimization, allowing the removal of selected trees from an area without damaging its appearance.

For logging in areas where the ground is sensitive (golf courses, for example), we provide horse-logging services. Horses allow the removal of trees with minimal impact on turf or other ground, as well as providing an excellent means for moving trees in tight spaces. Horse-logging is ideal for tree removal in environmentally sensitive areas, or in urban logging situations where there is little space.

For less sensitive areas, Wood’N’Horse Contracting is also able to apply more high-volume logging techniques. Combined with our expertise in impact minimization techniques, we are able to provide logging services for a wide variety of client needs. Both complete removal and selective logging can be accomplished with minimal aesthetic or ecological impact.

Keywords: logging