By: Wolfe Security Systems  09-12-2011
Keywords: Alarm System

When your security system is monitored it has the ability to notify the Central Station of any alarm or trouble condition as well as system status. This is through your phone system.

When an alarm does occur your system will access your phone line and call a toll free number to the Central Station where an operator receives the alarm information. At this point the operator can identify which device has gone into alarm. If it was a door, window, or motion detector the operator would call your location and ask for a password. If you give the correct password the alarm is canceled. If the operator receives an incorrect password or no answer, they will dispatch the proper authority and call the people on your responsible party call list.

Basic Monitoring is $14.95 a month and covers Central Station monitoring of alarm and trouble signals from your security system.

Daily Timer Test Monitoring is $19.95 a month and covers same as Basic Monitoring plus the security system checks in once a day to verify phone line connection.

Open and Close Monitoring is $29.95 a month and covers same as Basic Monitoring plus logs who arms and disarms the alarm system and when. Also includes printed monthly report of  arm, disarm, and alarm activity.

Cellular Monitoring *

Basic is $25.00 a month

Daily Timer Test is $30.00 a month

Open and Close is $40.00 a month

* A one time charge of $250.00 for equipment and installation of cellular radio.

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Keywords: Alarm System